What is clairvoyance and claircognizance? - November 2017

By Cindy Smith

As promised, I want to share with you how easy it is to use your four main senses to communicate with your Angel Team. This issue I will focus on clairvoyance and claircognizance as the senses to use with Angelic communication. I am sharing the basics of how my Angel Team uses these senses with me every day, and encourage you to set intention of using your senses similar with expansion on ways you can be creative in working with your Angels.


Clairvoyance: means “clear seeing”. I use the term pictures more often than the term clairvoyance with my Angel team.


The following are a few examples of how my team uses my sight to communicate with me:

  • Pictures created within my minds’ eye or using my third eye to give me pictures. Third eye and minds’ eye is the same to me. (read below for example)

  • I see repetitive instances of symbols like feathers (my favourite), butterflies, coins, number sequences (11 11 my favourite) and rainbows. I believe in no coincidence; therefore, as soon as I acknowledge a symbol, or notice a symbol I know it is a message from my team. Or I use the symbol as a tool to remind me to look around in my environment, what am I missing?

  • My team communicates through my dreams with vivid colours and angelic emotions and direct messages of thoughts

  • Colours and symbols are significant for me while receiving messages from the Archangels because of how each communicates in a unique way and it helps me to differentiate between each Archangel. (e.g. Archangel Michael I see purple; Archangel Uriel I see a scroll as symbol)


Example of how I refer to using our mind’s eye. Take the time with me now, keep your eyes open and create in your mind’s eye your kitchen. What colours are your countertops, appliances, floor, and any pictures on the wall? Can you see your kitchen with colour and be able to describe to me? Most people are able to say, “yes”. Just as you see your kitchen that is how my team uses pictures to give me messages. I ask to see a clean white board within my mind’s eye and then they flash pictures for me either in still form or movie form. 


Yes, it is this simple. Only 5 percent of my Angel communication through vision is in spirit form outside of my mind’s eye. Allow your Angel Team to show you pictures and enjoy.


Claircognizance: means ‘clear knowing”. I refer to this sense as our Divine Knowing within.

The following are a few examples of how my team uses my knowing to communicate with me:


  • Trust in Knowing without having to have proof

  • I use this sense with the other 3 senses (I know them to be in Truth, feeling, seeing and hearing)

  • I accept the messages I receive from the Divine without question or self-doubt

  • I just KNOW


I find this sense the hardest to describe because it is so simple in its form. Trust what you know without explaining it.


Your Angel Team acknowledges your Divine Knowing;
trust in your angel team’s support.


 “You have been receiving messages and guidance from your Angel Team from the moment you were born.” Your Guardian Angel Team are always with you, they never leave you. I suggest you consciously start looking for signs or ASKING for communication from your team with these two senses. Now it involves practice and acknowledgement of how your angel team has been communicating with you and they will continue to do so NOW. 

Cindy SmithCindy's Bio: I am blessed to be the mother of two wonderful souls. They have taught and continue to teach me so much about life and love. I am surrounded and supported by many family and friends on my life journey. Love and Light to all of you! I have always been drawn to healing work; first as a Nursing Assistant, then working many years as a counsellor. Throughout my career in counselling I am grateful for all the learning experiences from clients & co-workers. My path in life changed eight years ago when I was introduced to Huna (Ancient Hawaiian Wisdom) which started me on a healing journey. Since that time I have taken several trainings that have enhanced my spiritual journey and teaching abilities including a Masters in Time Line Therapy & NLP, Huna Teachings (Level 1), and I have become a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner ®. Cindy Smith offers courses such as Connect to Your Own Power and Angel Empowerment Practitioner™ Certification Course. - Cindy Smith Website - Email

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