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The Power of Acceptance - May 2019

Truly the power of acceptance has little to do with agreement

By Lyndsay Blais

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Acceptance is often confused with being in agreement, in other words saying yes to something.  If I accept my current circumstances, than I must be satisfied with the outcomes I’ve got…right?

The opposite of acceptance is to be in resistance, saying NO to something.  The ironic thing here is that we think we must fight against something if we want it to change, otherwise we are just raising the white flag, and acting like there is nothing we can do.  I challenge you to look at this resistance with a critical eye…you may find out it isn’t really getting you the result you want.

How much of your energy does it take to be against something?  You know, arguing, fighting, commiserating about it, and telling everyone you see just how against the situation you are.  All of this resistance takes up your time and your precious energy, and frankly, just creates more of the thing you are resisting in the first place.  Have you heard the phrase “what you resist – persists”, the things you avoid dealing with directly, oftentimes grow and become a bigger deal, demanding even more of your time and attention because they have been ignored for so long! 

Truly the power of acceptance has little to do with agreement, we can accept that we weigh more than we would like to, it doesn’t mean we have to stay that way, we can accept that our relationships could use some work to make them more meaningful, but it doesn’t mean they don’t yearn for attention, we can accept that our bank account isn’t showing a positive balance, but it doesn’t mean it is doomed to stay that way…acceptance invites us to be present with what is, so we can get busy doing what needs to be done to get different results if that is what we truly desire.

So instead of resisting what you would like to see as different…try accepting what is.  If you acknowledge it and embrace it, you may even find the gift in the situation, a reason you are experiencing it in otherwords.  From this more relaxed perspective see if you can come to a place of creative solution…at the very least, by virtue of accepting the situation for what it is, you free up your energy to think clearly and take inspired action in the direction you desire.

Three key words to get you out of resistance…Stop – Look – Choose!

Stop the auto-pilot…stop making up stories of what if’s and if only’s and get honest with yourself  - if you feel like you are carrying more weight than you would like, get on a scale, have a look, how much do you weigh, and stop kidding yourself, evaluate your lifestyle habits…those habits created the body you currently inhabit, and once you are aware of them, you can change them.  

Look at the situation as neutral, it is what it is, feeling bad about it won’t change a thing, but it sure won’t motivate you to make healthy choices.  Also take a look at the choices you have; in the example above, you have the choice to be more active, to eat different foods, to prepare in advance so you aren’t tempted when you are running behind and hungry in the middle of the day.  You will find you have more choices than you may have initially thought.

Then choose (from among your real choices) the ones that will support you with your goals.  Do you have an amount of weight you would like to lose?  What kinds of choices would help you do that? 

With all of the energy you save from beating yourself up on a regular basis, (aka resistance) you can clearly see the choices that are in alignment with your goal, and you will find yourself with more resilience to choose healthy options more consistently.

Be aware, that when you fall off the plan, (as we humans are known to do!) it is easy to go into resistance to that…this formula works with everything and anything!  If you don’t follow your plan, accept the choices you made, and free yourself from the chains of the past, and simply allow yourself to choose again freely in this new moment.

Acceptance does not mean you agree with the way things are and that you are happy about it…acceptance is a means towards acknowledging the truth of where you are – so you know where you are starting with your goal.  The next step is moving toward that goal, one baby step at a time!

Carpe diem! Seize the day!

~ Lyndsay

Lyndsay BlaisLyndsay's Bio: Lyndsay Blais, creator and facilitator of the Embracing Change Program; Assisting Individuals through Career and Life Transitions. Contact Lyndsay in Penticton, B.C. 250-809-5399 - Email

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