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The Benefits of Gluten-Free Lentil Flour - July 2019

By Cuisine Soleil

Cuisine Soleil Lentil flour

This month, we discover lentils flours!

Human beings consume lentils since prehistoric times. High in fiber and low in fat, it is also rich in folate, an essential element for pregnant women.

This tasty flour will delight you!

Try it for lunch in pancake topped with chunks of green apple, arugula and smoked salmon.

A real treat!


Some Healthy Benefits of Lentils Flour Are:

Contains many antioxidants

Beneficial against the development of cardiovascular disease, cancer and other age-related diseases.


Great Source of Iron

Essential for the formation of red blood cells and transporting oxygen in the blood.


Very rich in vitamin B9 (folate)

Essential for pregnant women.

Ensures proper fetal development.

Reduce the risk of neural tube defects in the fetus.

Necessary for the production of new cells and genetic material.


High Source of Fiber

Beneficial for intestinal health.

Helps prevent constipation.

Reduces the risk of colorectal cancer.

Reduces the levels of bad cholesterol.

Contributes to the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

Facilitates the control of glucose (blood sugar).

Reduces the risks associated with diabetes when consumed regularly.

Provides a sensation of fullness more quickly and thus facilitates achieving or maintaining a healthy weight.


Excellent Source of Phosphorus

Keeps bones and teeth healthy.

Contributes to the growth and regeneration of tissue (skin, bones, muscles).


Source of Zinc

Helps fight infection and keep your immune system efficient.

Involved in fetal development and creation of genetic material.

Source : PasseportSante.net 


Gluten-free recipe: Salty Granola Bars

Integrate lentil flour to your diet with this healthy snack! Exclusive to Cuisine Soleil.

Read the full recipe here

Consult our directory of gluten-free recipes

Publish your own recipes and share them with your friends! 
Access to directory recipes here

Cuisine Soleil products are allergen-free

Did you know? Cuisine Soleil flours are produced in a factory nuts free, peanut free, soy free and dairy free. 

Our organic flour and gluten-free: available everywhere in Canada!

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Cuisine  SoleilCuisine 's Bio: At Cuisine Soleil, quality is our top priority. We only produce 100% certified organic and gluten free products. For us, there is no compromise possible on the choice of ingredients for our clients. Our goal is to provide nutritious and savoury gluten free products, for your household needs. Cuisine Soleil - gluten free the healthy way. - Cuisine Soleil Website

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