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Do You Block Healing for Yourself? - October 2017

My question to Archangel Raphael

By Cindy Smith

Archanhel Raphael in a green healing light

Dear Angel Friends,

I posed the question to Archangel Raphael around healing for you because there seems to be some confusion on how we can heal ourselves. Yes, there are many lightworkers in our world that can assist with amazing healing energy and I am blessed to have met so many of them. I do want to remind you that you have the most powerful gift of healing at your own fingertips-your Angelic Team. Yes, we may not all know practiced techniques of healing but your basic gift of healing is ASKING your team for assistance. What I have witnessed on many levels is that so many of us create blocks of accepting healing for several different reasons, and I am blessed to be able to guide people thru those blocks and change old patterns. My suggestion is to become aware of blocks so changes can be made and move forward on healing realms, please be open to ASK for help.

Message from Archangel Raphael

My question to Archangel Raphael; "Can you please explain healing and how people can use Archangel Energy for healing of self?"

My children, healing begins with the belief of Divine Healing, the understanding of infinite possibilities or your language may refer to Divine Miracles. When asked; Our intention in Divine light is to provide healing in all realms. Divine Light is the healing vibration. My vibration has a purpose defined as healing light. Once ASKED, the Divine vibration is increased in all realms such as, physical, emotional, spiritual, energetic realm. What is required for each of you on any realm is; belief of the possibility, the acceptance of help, the receiving of our Divine vibration, the worthiness of accepting our help, the action of following guidance and be open to change when needed, the awareness of you own thought patterns of acceptance of healing, what thoughts are you putting out to Universal energy and TRUST without having all the answers in your NOW. My children healing is simple with our vibration, ASK and you shall receive. The only moment in your time we are unable to proceed with healing if it is God's Will that you will be joining the Divine white light. My children you can be specific about healing or general and it is done. It is easier for you to ASK for self because you allow us to move through your free will, Asking for others increases the vibration if they are willing and ready to accept Divine help. My children you can visualize our assistance by creating an image, feeling, knowing that the healing energy is gentle, warm, brings calmness, perhaps seeing green hues of colour, or perhaps you know my energy is with you or your loved one. ASK for healing and let it go, follow guidance when asked and please TRUST that when we are ASKED, SO IT IS.       ~ Archangel Raphael

As many of you know I love to teach about Angels and how easy it is for you to connect and use the skills taught for self and others.

In Love & Light, Cindy


Cindy Smith is bringing a small group to tour ireland and she will teach the AEP [ Angel Empowerment Practittioner Cert. Course] along the way.

15 Day Celtic Angel Tour to Ireland
with Maria Carr & Cindy Smith



See Ireland thru Irish Eyes and Angel Eyes.
Have you ever dreamed of going to Ireland?
Join Irish guide Maria Carr and Angel guide Cindy Smith for a trip of a lifetime to see the real Ireland.

Learn to connect to your own individual and unique Angel Team - empowered by the Land of ancient Celtic Energy & Wisdom. EVERYONE IS WELCOME. Come on your own, with friends or as a couple.

‘Connect with the Ancient Energy’
“Embrace your angels; embrace yourself in a land surrounded with history and magical energy. Connect with your own inner wisdom, guidance & intuition. Take this opportunity to learn how to use the Angel Empowerment Practitioner tools for self or others. “My angel team is very excited to teach while in the Ancient Energy & Wisdom of Ireland. I am personally excited to see, feel, hear and know all that we will be guided to learn from our Angels. I have been blessed to witness how energy of certain areas empowers students, and my team tells me that Ireland will greatly intensify this experience of connection with self and energy. At this point I can only imagine how easy it is going to be for students to move from, “I CAN’T - TO I CAN.” I am grateful that Archangel Michael has guided Maria and I together to create this space for others to experience infinite possibilities.”
Cindy Smith

If it is your dream to visit Ireland....
all you need to do is set your intention to join us

Maria is a very powerful and gifted healer, and medical intuitive, from Ireland. She carries a vast wealth of experience from a life of passionate exploration of the profound healing and ancient Irish intuitive gifts she inherited from her mother and going back to her grandmothers, two great uncles who were well known healers of the sick and even as far back as her great, great, great, grandfather (b. 1837) who was known as the Irish Healer of Animals. Her depth of knowledge and wisdom comes from her deep study and relentless research. Maria worked as a Dental Surgery Nurse for 18 years. She is trained in First Aid, Healing Touch, Reflexology, is a Vitamin consultant, and studing to be an Angel Empowerment Practitioner.
Maria grew up in Ireland and has travelled to over 14 countries and visited 160 cities. She has lived and solo travelled to Australia, Canada, North and South America, Europe and many places around the world. Maria has lived in the Okanagan, BC for 20 years with her husband and children. She continues to travel with recent adventures to Panama, Columbia, Costa Rica, Route 66, Paris and London, plus she travels home to Ireland as often as she can. Maria is the founder and publisher of OK In Health eMagazine and Web site, which after 8 years is now one of the largest eMagazine in western Canada. www.OKinHealth.com Over the years she has also worked as an Event Organizer and brought instructors to the Okanagan from South Africa, Paris, England, Texas, and Vancouver. Maria was recently also involved at the grass root level in bringing in Dr Deepak Chopra and Dr. Wayne Dyer to the Okanagan valley. Maria has a wealth of 

OUR DREAM - The reason Maria wanted to offer this tour is because over the years so many people have said to her how they dream of going to Ireland and how they wanted her to show them the real Ireland. Cindy has also had a dream to bring a group to Ireland and assist folk to connect to their angel team empowered by the land of ancient energy & wisdom. Together we wanted to do something more than just the usual sight seeing experience. We plan to make it possible for participants in this tour to tap into the beautiful and vibrant ancient energy of Ireland, as well as to join in with the ‘craic’ - fun that is the Irish people. Maria and Cindy have now combined their gifts and talents in creating this innovative, affordable and exciting offer to tour the land of Ireland while connecting with its ancient wisdom, where dreams come true.

Cindy SmithCindy's Bio: I am blessed to be the mother of two wonderful souls. They have taught and continue to teach me so much about life and love. I am surrounded and supported by many family and friends on my life journey. Love and Light to all of you! I have always been drawn to healing work; first as a Nursing Assistant, then working many years as a counsellor. Throughout my career in counselling I am grateful for all the learning experiences from clients & co-workers. My path in life changed eight years ago when I was introduced to Huna (Ancient Hawaiian Wisdom) which started me on a healing journey. Since that time I have taken several trainings that have enhanced my spiritual journey and teaching abilities including a Masters in Time Line Therapy & NLP, Huna Teachings (Level 1), and I have become a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner ®. Cindy Smith offers courses such as Connect to Your Own Power and Angel Empowerment Practitioner™ Certification Course. - Cindy Smith Website - Email

Imagine been in Ireland on St. Patrick's Day and visiting the sacred sites of Ireland!

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Maria's Ireland Sacred Tours

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Maria's Ireland Sacred Tours

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