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Exploring the Hara Line and Its Role in Healing - April 2019

Haric Level and 3 Points of the Hara Line

by Phylameana lila Desy 

What is the Hara?
The hara is a core power-source that resides beneath the auric field of the human body. It is housed inside the tan tien, existing on the level of intentionality. The hara is also known as the core star connection.

Haric Level
The haric level serves as the aura's foundation. This is where your intentions are birthed, held, and housed. You might say that this is where the source or seed of your life purpose is located. It is also the source of your creativity.

About the Hara Line
The hara line is a laser-like line that aligns vertically with the physical body. Not visible to the human eye it has been said to be approximately one-third inch wide. It begins three and one half feet above the crown head extending downward into the core of the earth. There are three important points along the hara line.

Location of Three Points of the Hara Line

Above Head - This is the separation point, when your soul incarnated in an earth being. The "spark" or beginning of your earth journey. This point incapsulates your life purpose or reason for incarnating. It is referred to as the godhead. 

Upper Chest - This point is specific to our emotional body, the source of our passions, longings,  and life purpose. It is referred to as the soul seat.

Lower Belly - This point is located approximately two and one-half inches below the naval. It is your power (or WILL) center. This is where you draw your will to live from. Also, where you tap into powerful energies needed to follow through with your intentions. It is referred to as the tan tien.

Intentionality and The Hara Dimension
Barbara Ann Brennan, energy medicine healer and scientist, devotes a whole chapter (Seventeen: Intentionality and The Hara Dimension) in her book entitled Light Emerging: The Journey of Personal Healing. She emphasizes the role of the hara in regard to our intentions. She goes into great detail how the hara can be energetically healed and aligned. She also describes how to connect your hara line with others to create a group hara line. Very cool!

Healthy VS Unhealthy Hara Line 
A healthy hara line is straight, centered, and well rooted. A person whose hara line is aligned properly will be insync with integrity, power, and purpose. Whereas, a person whose hara line is misaligned will display negative-intent behaviors such as being argumentative, procrastinate, be overtly competitive, and perform their duties shoddily.

Signs of Dysfunction in the Hara Line

Godhead Dysfunctions - Signs of a dysfunctional godhead are cynicism, and a break or complete disconnect from God or source.

Soul Seat Dysfunctions - Signs of a dysfunctional soul seat include the physical appearance of a sunken chest, experiencing sadness, despair, grief... specifically grieving the loss or what once was or of plans that were never manifested.

Tan Tien Dysfunctions - Physical signs of dysfunctional in the tan tien are chronic back pain or a tilted pelvis.

Reference: Light Emerging: The Journey of Personal Healing, written by Barbara Ann Brennan, Bantam Books, 1973.

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