Healthy Tips for Flu Season - January 2019

By Dr. Radka Ruzicka, Alberta

A Glass of Lemon and garlic juice, and lemon slices

We all know that with the change in seasons comes cooler weather and the possibility of cold or ‘flu. The following are some tips to help get you through the ‘flu season! Keep your immune system boosted by taking good doses of vitamin C (a minimum of 500mg daily for kids; up to 3000mg for adults). Other supplements that are beneficial include zinc (30-50mg daily – also available in lozenges), and beta-carotene (25,000IU-50,000IU daily).

Garlic, garlic, garlic!

It’s a natural antibiotic and can be used as a preventative to colds and ‘flu, and to give the immune system a good boost. It can also be taken if you do get a cold – you’ll just need to take a LOT more! As a preventative: Take one clove of raw garlic (or 2 capsule) daily; and add garlic into your cooking. If you add it to food just before the cooking is complete, you’ll have retained more of its natural antibiotic goodness.

During illness:

If your body is hollering at you, get it back on track by increasing your intake of garlic. The best way to take large amounts of raw garlic is by making garlic toast – simply toast up 2 slices of good bread, spread with butter, and the spread on 2-3 cloves of garlic PER slice of bread. Yes, that much!

If Clove of garlicthe “burn” of garlic bothers you, top your toast with slices of tomato or avocado (not cheese, as it’s mucous forming and will just add to stuff nose symptoms).

Once you’ve eaten the toast, make some fresh ginger tea (about an inch of cut up fresh ginger root, into a mug of boiled water; add lemon and honey to taste), then soak in a hot bath for about 15 minutes.

After that, put on some warm PJ’s and go to bed. You will likely sweat during the night – a good thing – and should wake up feeling pretty good in the morning. Taking immune-supportive herbs (yes, even as a preventative) will help get you through cold and ‘flu season.

Good immune support herbs include: Echinacea, Reishi mushroom, Astragalus, Myrrh, and Goldenseal. Most of these herbs are available from health stores And finally, remember to get plenty of fresh air, activity, sleep, and rest!

Dr. Radka's Bio: Radka Ruzicka, is a registered Doctor of Homeopathy, a board certified Doctor Natural Medicine (trained in Naturopathic medicine), and a Nutritional Consulting Practitioner, with a busy health center that is located 35 minutes west of Edmonton, Alberta (Canada). - Dr. Radka Ruzicka Website

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