Hey, I’m Pure Potential! - August 2017

By Kath Forster, South Africia

In the beginning, you awake from the Great Stillness…
knowing yourself by your awareness
beautiful, mysterious light and shadow….

Flickerings of consciousness mirroring and balancing
the unconscious…
sensHeart SymbolelHeart Symboless and sensory
great and small
known and unknown
tranquil, pure, creative potential…

Perfect. You are. Life.

Yes, appreciate, accept and love yourself. Right now you may feel that you’re in a place where it’s inconceivable but there is no doubt that with strong intention come miracles. So why not concentrate your effort on how you want to continue.

Do you really want to break your old patterns of thinking going around and around in your head? Do you constantly blame others for your misfortune? Do you really want to stop complaining about your life? Or is there a part of you that actually likes it? You have to be honest with yourself before going any further.

Examine the possibility that there could be a part of you that likes the attention you get whilst you are telling your friend about your troubles. Question your motives when wanting to hear sordid details about some or other situation your friend may be having. Is it really necessary to jump in there and wallow in the drama? If it works for you, then go ahead and wallow, but maybe, just maybe, you seriously want to revise how you normally handle things in your life. You may just be sick and tired of your life and feel that there is no way out of your current situation.

In the past you may have suffered from various physical ailments or possibly an emotional one, like depression. Think of the word “depression”. You can break it down into “de(e)p (reg)ression – in other words – regressing, or going back over happenings in the past and revisiting them on a deep level, living through the pain again. You may not consciously be aware of what triggers it or what movies linked to emotions your subconscious is playing. Somewhere along the line you may have disconnected from the cause of the pain and all that’s left to experience is the pain and subsequent depression. And when you are in a depression there’s something familiar in it that keeps you going back, keeps you creating the same pattern of behavior in which there is a perverse comfort. For someone who gets depressed this can be a very difficult concept to accept.

Take a chance; change an aspect of your life and your whole direction can change!

A little exercise:
Imagine that you’re a hero – only you can save you and only you can manifest exactly what it is you wish for. In your mind’s eye have some fun dressing yourself up in a hero suit. See yourself conquering all the issues you feel you need to. See yourself doing it effortlessly – you have all the tools necessary. See yourself with x-ray vision, supersonic hearing, amazing flying abilities and a suit that fits just so!

See the lighter side of your woes – this can be difficult, but by making light of things you literally bring Light to it, raising your vibration and all of a sudden things will seem easier!

I believe that the way back to Source, God or our point of creation is through looking inwards with appreciation, acceptance and love. Appreciating, accepting and loving others will come naturally once you have those emotions about yourself.

Set your intention now to achieve appreciation, acceptance and love for your inner self and your outer self. Don’t forget to LIGHTEN up!

The best time to do the next small exercise is as you wake and just before you get up in the morning, take a few minutes, it’s truly a beautiful start.

Exercise: Close your eyes and imagine for a while what it felt like…
and what it feels like…. the time before being human….
dig deep and remember…. feel suspended….feel calm….
be perfectly present…

Now bring the image of this symbol into your heart centre, allow it to float there, gently turn it, rotate it, then spin it, feel the effect in your body as you play with it internally.

This symbol is anchoring your centredness.
Reminding you of your creation point.
Your pure potential…

Kath Forster, South Africia
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