Living Harmoniously - August 2017

By Christina Ince, Penticton, BC

We are all at one with each other in the universe, so the more we do to bring harmony into the world, the better. We may despair when we hear how few days since history has been recorded when there has been total peace the world. Don’t give up. As with charity, start at home.

Oscar Wilde said, "To love one’s self is the beginning of a lifelong romance"

So begin with considering the possibility that you can love yourself. You can’t give of your best if you are not being your best, whether with partners, children, lovers, friends, co-workers. Nurture yourself, then nurture your closest relationships. Show kindness to the person across the counter, in the store, on the can be contagious!

I stood behind an angry woman making impossible demands of the bank teller - when she finally moved away the teller glared at me as if daring me to do my worst. In a low soft voice I praised her resilience, and her tired face eased into a smile as she thanked me for the first kind words that day. And why would we not want to enhance our primary relationships? Just think about this: if you put as much effort into your current relationship as you have put in the past into the crummy ones, how much better would it be?!

Show gratitude where you can, speak praise instead of just thinking it - the same goes for compliments. That elderly lady you spoke to on the bus or in the supermarket queue may not have had anyone speak to her at all that day. There are true stories of people who had been determined to commit suicide, only to have their minds changed at the last moment by an unknowing stranger’s kindness.

So, in a quiet moment, think about not so much what you can do in your relationships, but how you can be.

Christina Ince
Penticton Wellness Body and Soul Fair 2017

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