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Are You Struggling with These 5 Challenges to Open Your Intuition? - September 2019

You may have a deep soul longing to open your intuition.

This soul longing comes from a deep-seated desire to be more strongly guided in every aspect of your life.

You want to be guided to all that empowers you to be more financially successful, to enjoy deeper, more rewarding intimate relationships, to discover the shortcuts in your career and to listen to your spiritual guides throughout the day so that you know and experience your own spiritual connection.

Here are some of the common challenges many people face when wanting to become more intuitive:

1.You don’t believe you are intuitive. But here’s the thing. You are a soul. Your soul is always trying to communicate with your ego mind. You are already intuitive because you are always receiving soul guidance.

2. You don’t understand what your primary psychic gift is. There are four primary psychic gifts – claircognizance, clairsentience, clairvoyance and clairaudience. Every person has a primary way that your soul tries to speak with you. If you don’t understand how your psychic gifts actually work you can waste time and get totally confused.

3. You don’t know how to get their ego mind out of the way. Your ego mind is always trying to control your life because your ego thinks it knows best. The best way to explain intuition is to learn how to show up and get out of your own way. 

4. You don’t trust yourself. Because most of us humans have made a few mistakes in our lives (only a few!), we lose faith in our life path. Even if it appears if we have made mistakes our soul is always trying to guide us. The more we learn how to trust our intuition the more we can allow our soul to guide us.

5. You don’t understand what science teaches us about intuition. According to the latest scientific research, only 4 percent of the known universe can be quantified, measured, detected or understood. That means even scientists acknowledge that 96 percent of the known universe has to be experienced in other non-linear ways. As you learn how to open your intuition, you can increase your ability to comprehend your life and the energy around you.

More articles by Catherine at catherinecarrigan.com

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