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Put Your Mind on a Diet - January 2020

By Carol Albano, Penticton, BC, Penticton, BC

Red and black mixed berries

What if good health really is about what your mind feeds your body?

What if disease is simply the result of discordant thoughts that have gone on an unhealthy binge for way too long?

And what if instead of obsessing over what’s wrong with you, you follow a new menu, and only feed your body, mind and spirit with kind, loving thoughts and positive encouragement. Miracles aren’t really miracles at all. (You know that.)

They are supposed to be the norm. Instead, over the centuries, we have spiraled downward to the point where we have given most, if not all of our power away. The power to heal ourselves. The power to create whatever we desire.

We rely more and more on prescription drugs and invasive surgery to help make us well, but we take little or no responsibility for how we became unwell in the first place. And even less responsibility for proactively healing ourselves.

So how about, starting today, you put your mind on a diet?

 A diet of delicious kindness. A diet of yummy love-the-skin-you’re-in. A diet of creamy, gooey unconditional love and acceptance for the amazing You that you are. Let’s have s’more of that!

Just as you may go on a “cleanse” to detoxify your physical body, it might just be time to put your mind on a similar cleanse to rid yourself of the toxic thoughts that have been festering inside you. It takes a bit of work, er I mean Exercise, (to effect positive change, there’s no getting away from the E word), to purge those old thoughts that have built up over time in your brain and spilled over into your body and spirit.

But look at it this way: it’s cheaper than joining the gym, better for you than taking prescription drugs and the only thing you need to do is replace every negative thought that plays through your mind with a positive one. That’s it.

Carol Albano, Penticton, BCCarol's Bio: Carol Albano is an Intuitive reader, offering insights into your life with the help of your Spirit Guides. Based in Penticton and she works with clients all over the world. - Email

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