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How to Recharge Your Batteries - March 2019

We all understand the concept of needing to charge our electrical technology, but when it comes to recharging our body mind and spirit, we don’t want to be bothered. Sleeping less than 7-8 hours a night, or running all day without any breaks, is like only partially charging your phone or computer’s battery.

Sleep is our opportunity to recharge our “batteries”. When we skimp on sleep we run ourselves into the ground, literally. What do we say when our phone battery runs out? “My phone died”, or “my phone just went dead”. It works pretty much the same for us, it’s just a slower process.

When your phone or computer displays the “low battery” warning, do you plug your device in, or do you hit “dismiss” and keep right on going?

Unfortunately, our bodies don’t have a visual “low battery” warning. Our signals are fatigue, brain fog and illness, which many of us ignore, or worse, think is “normal”. Feeling “normal” should mean being alert, motivated, energetic and vital. When was the last time you felt like that?

When you get enough sleep (7-9 hours, yes that much), your immune system is strong enough to keep you from catching the flu that everyone around you has, your brain is able to function because your neurotransmitters regenerate and your brain is able to detoxify, your blood sugar and hormones have a chance to regulate so you are not constantly craving sweets, while biting everyone’s head off, and that lovely growth hormone that comes out at night can keep you young and vital.

And what happens when you don’t get enough sleep? Fat around the belly, aging in fast forward, mood swings, food cravings, fatigue and even insulin resistance.

The good news is, every night is a new chance to get the sleep your body needs. Meanwhile, you can take short breaks during the day to recharge and help make up for your lack of sleep the night before.

Here are five 5 minute recharges, that are well worth making time for.

Sit quietly, close your eyes, place your hand over your heart, and visualize a loving memory.

Try a little Qi Gong. Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip width, knees relaxed, arms to your sides. Take a deep slow breath into your belly while slowly raising your arms to shoulder height. Slowly exhale and shift your weight to your right leg while bringing your left foot in to meet the right (95% of weight on the right foot, 5% on ball of the left foot), while lowering your arms. Slowly inhale and open the left foot back to where it started, while floating your arms back up–weight on both feet. Repeat to the left side. Inhale arms float up, feet open, exhale arms float down, weight on one foot. Move as in slow motion, work up to 5 minutes. This will not only calm your system, it will infuse you with life force energy. You can watch FREE qi gong videos at Catherine Carrigan’s website, unlimitedenergynow.com, 

Stand barefoot on the earth. Grass, sand or dirt will all help to ground you and literally fill you with healing energy from Mother Earth.

Drink 8 ounces of clean filtered water with a pinch of Celtic Sea Salt or Himalayan salt to mineralized it and you.

Do something that tickles your funny bone and LAUGH.


Nina Lynn is a wellness and lifestyle coach who specializes in helping women navigate the turbulent waters of menopause. Nina has a Masters Degree in Holistic Nutrition. She is a certified Self-Empowerment Technology Practitioner and Food and Spirit Practitioner. You can find out more about Nina and her powerful work at Zen of Menopause.

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