The Art of Intuition - August 2018

Everyone has intuition, but the secret is to acknowledge it, listen to it, and then practice it.

By Monika Muranyi

Everyone has intuition, but not everyone has mastered the art of listening to what their intuition is telling them. One of the reasons why we tend to ignore our intuition is because it presents itself in a fleeting, elusive way. Sometimes it is even difficult to describe what our first intuitive thought was ... like a dream we can’t explain it. The other reason why it’s so difficult is because our intuitive thoughts are often in direct opposition to what the intellect and logic is telling us. When we only follow our intellect and logic, we often miss opportunities, and only later do we realize that we should have trusted that elusive, intuitive thought.

One of the attributes of intuition is that it does not come from synaptic thought – the brain’s thinking engine. Your brain is an amazing super-computer. It gives you past experiences that help you survive in future times. For example, if you touch a hot stove and burn your finger, chances are you are unlikely to ever do that again. This is because your brain gives you signals for life, every time you see a hot stove – danger! Do not touch the hot stove! All of these past experiences are amplified and applied in relationships, regular society, the workplace, and everything else.

Your survival depends upon what your brain is telling you is there, or not there, to help you navigate reality. You rely on your past experience, transmitted to you via synaptic thought, to steer and guide you. Then suddenly you experience an intuitive thought that comes and goes so fast that you cannot be certain if it even happened! “What was that?” Not only don’t you understand it clearly, you are not even certain what the message was about. Your intuitive thought does not mirror your synaptic brain function, which is why it can be difficult to pin down, or act upon it.

Intuitive communication is often experienced through one or more of the following five senses:

  1. Clairvoyance (clear seeing) – represented by images, colors, symbols, numbers and names. The images in your mind can often appear like a movie playing in front of you. Sometimes communication can also occur in dreams.
  2. Clairaudience (clear hearing) – represented by messages you can hear either audibly or inside your mind. There may also be telepathic communication with others, or conversations with Spirit. Music is a good example.
  3. Clairsentience (clear feeling) – represented by emotions, thoughts and feelings; also known as a gut-feeling. These emotions and feelings can be about people, animals or places. Often clairsentients can feel the vibration (vibe) of a place or person.
  4. Claircognizance (clear knowning) – represented by an absolute knowingness about the spontaneous information received is one hundred percent accurate. This information can be in the form of facts and figures, while other times it is simply knowing the truth about a situation or relationship.
  5. Clairgustance (clear smelling) – represented by the experience of smelling a familiar scent, even when the source of the smell is not present. This can also be expressed through a sensitivity to certain smells and/or repellent or attracted to smell alone. Many can still smell the essence of a loved one who passed many years ago.

While some individuals can appear to have a very clear strength in the ability to use one of the five senses listed above, most of us have a combination of all of them, but at varying degrees of strength. We all have the ability to increase our intuitive abilities. Intuitive instructions are being broadcast all the time as part of a benevolent system that exists to support us.

Like any talent or skill, intuition is enhanced when we actively practice listening to our intuition thoughts. How do we practice? The first step is to recognize when your intuition is communicating with you. In what way do you see, hear, feel or sense the message? Become familiar with your own style of intuitive communication. For example, you might get a feeling to buy some tomatoes while in the supermarket. Your logical brain will interrupt and remind you that you already have tomatoes at home. But again, you intuition conveys a feeling that you need tomatoes. Following your intuition, and not your logic, you grab some tomatoes. Your logic, not to be ignored, begrudgingly reminds you that, “Hey – it’s okay to be wrong in this. You can always use extra tomatoes.” But, when you arrive home, you discover that the tomatoes in your refrigerator are rotten!

The whole idea is to have fun experimenting with your intuition. Don’t be afraid to ask for the intuitive message to be repeated. Just be ready for the timing. It might not be right then! Okay, let’s practice the art of intuition. Here are some questions. Pay attention to your first intuitive answer. No logic allowed.

Is intuition real?

Okay that is an easy one. If you’ve read the article thus far, you are obviously interested in learning more about using your intuition. Hence you know that it is very real.

Can you get better at using your intuition?

This type of question can often result in the intellect and logic responding with negative comments: “Don’t be silly! There is no way you can get better at intuitive communication. That’s like saying ‘I’ll get better at dreaming’.” You may even think in the following way: “You don’t need to get better at intuition. Your brain is smart enough!” Is that what you truly think? What does your intuition tell you? (smile).

I think you are pretty good at using your intuition, since you already know that the argumnets above are logical but not correct. Yes, you can get better at using your intuition. Well done!

There is much more, and information is growing all the time about how to enhance intuitive thought. Each day is filled with the promise of new opportunities to develop the art of intuition. Doing creative things often puts us in direct communication with our intuitive side. Creativity can be expressed in so many ways: music, art, dance, and writing. Meditating is also an excellent way to receive intuitive information. Remember, you’re intuitive thoughts are always there. The secret is to practice listening to them. Practice and be patient with yourself as you do. It will get better.

Monika Muranyi Monika's Bio: Monika Muranyi is the author of The Gaia Effect, The Human Akash, and The Human Soul Revealed (published by Ariane Editions in Canada). These books are subject-driven information from the Kryon channellings as given by Lee Carroll, the original Kryon channel. Dozens of formerly unseen answers from Kryon are featured in these books. Monika shares a deep affinity and connection with our planet Earth, Gaia. For over 15 years she worked as national park ranger in Australia and New Zealand. Following a spiritual awakening Monika began to explore the deeper mysteries of the universe. Monika has lived and travelled to many places throughout the world. She has participated in several sacred ceremonies with indigenous Shamans in Hawaii and South America. Monika’s books provide wonderful summaries and explanations of what Kryon says are happening right now regarding our Soul, the Akash and the new Gaia consciousness. Thanks to her work we now have a greater spiritual understanding about our planet and humanity. - Monika Muranyi Website - Email

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