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Winterizing Skin Care Tips - December 2019

Does my Skin know it is winter?

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Skin is designed to serve as the first defence from the outside world against threats to your body. It serves as the boundary between our bodies and the world around us. The skin forms the borderline, but it acts more like a sponge rather than a wall. It blocks the entry of infectious organisms and some toxic substances and holds in hydration and vital nutrients, while at the same time continuously monitoring the body's needs and allows or denies substances to pass through in both directions. It is proven that whatever we place on our skin is absorbed and makes it to our liver in 20 seconds. This is crucial to remember when purchasing cosmetics and body care products. 

Your skin performs many vital functions including the regulation of body temperature to ensure it stays within normal limits. The blood vessels constrict to retain heat when the outside temperature plunges, and when the temperature soars, the vessels dilate to allow heat to pass through the skin. Skin is a sensory organ that allows us to touch and to feel pressure, temperature, pain or an itch. The skin delivers messages to the external world, from person to person, and is a reflection of our inner self and surroundings. While the external seasons change, and our diets adjust, so does our skin.

During the spring and summer months the air is moist, the vegetation is thick and rich and our skin tends to be well moisturized and dewy. As fall sets in and winter approaches our skin, like the dying leaves becomes dehydrated, flaky and tight. It is important to change or tweak your skin care regime as the seasons dictate. Here are some winterizing tips to help your skin glow all the way until the arrival of spring;


1. Stay Hydrated: This time of year more than ever it is important to maintain or increase you consumption of water and decaffeinated herbal teas. Consider a raisin, which is a grape devoid of moisture. If you do not hydrate efficiently, the skin acts like a grape and with too little moisture will end up wrinkling like a raisin.

2. Increase healthy oils, both inside and out: For proper skin conditioning it is recommended to take approximately 1 tablespoon of omega oils per every 50lbs of body weight daily. Externally, look at applying products rich in natural seed and nut oils. 

3. Exfoliate: Our skin is constantly renewing itself, and therefore exfoliation is a key factor in keeping skin looking and feeling fresh. Exfoliation refines and stimulates skin, accelerates cell regeneration, and facilitates skin respiration, all while optimizing the overall appearance and health of the skin.


4. Use a toner: A toner deep cleanses and purifies your pores. Using a toner balances the pH level that protects your skin from the environment. It can take your skin up to 30 minutes to rebalance itself after cleansing without using a toner because the sebaceous or oil glands are confused. Toners hydrate tissues for proper cell function. A toner assists penetration of treatments and moisturizers which means complete absorption of the potent nutrients your skin needs.

5. Moisturize to fit the season: You may not need to change your daily moisturizer but simply add to it. Select a pre-moisturizer serum that increases hydration and that will allow your moisturizer to last longer. Consider adding a night cream to your regime, and allow your skin to hydrate as you sleep. It is important to select a product that suits your skin type.


6. Read labels: Remember everything placed on the skin will end up in your system. It is therefore very important to read labels and be aware of potentially dangerous chemical ingredients. Many of the heavily marketed and mainstream products are made up on average of 30-40% pure chemicals, and you are often paying for the marketing campaign behind it. Many truly natural products have a higher price tag, but you are paying for the ingredients, manufacturing procedures and true quality you can trust.


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