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Publisher's Message ~ June 2011 Issue

Greetings to all our OK In Health members,

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Last month, OK In Health Presented ' Connect to Your Power' with Cindy Smith. Thank you to all our members who attended. We will be bringing Cindy back to the Okanagan in October to teach the Angel Empowerment Practitioner™ - Certification Course.

This Fall, we will also be bringing Linda Baril to the Okanagan, to teach the RAC Registered Reflexology Therapist Certificate Course and Susan Allen to teach theCertified Indian Head Massage and we will be ending the year  by inviting all members who have a wellness business to attend our  Business Course For Holistic Practitioners where all aspects of running your own sole proprietor holistic practice will be covered.

This month, OK In Health is proud to Present a 2 Day Intuitive Sound Healing Workshop with Pamela Shelly and Conscious Creativity Workshop Autopoiesis Atelier which is a 4 Day Program at Sparkling Hills Resort. OK In Health members receive a $100 discount off this workshop.

We have so many events posted by our members on our calendar. So have a look at our new June eMagazine below and all the wonderful articles, recipes, and events that your community is offering ~ Community supporting Community!

Sit back, relax and take a moment to see what they have to say…….

Warm Regards

Yours In Health
Maria Carr and OK In Health Team
Publisher of OK In Health E-Magazine

Shannon BlissRecipe Host Manager - Shannon Bliss, manages the recipe Section. CNP, ROHP is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Certified Live Cell Microscopist, Weight Loss and Healthy Eating Specialist. Do you have a recipe you would like to share with our members?
Click on the add a recipe link on our recipe page.

WW Turkey Burgers with Zucchini

Want your kids to eat more veggies? Hide them in their burgers, they'll never know! Try adding zucchini to my turkey burgers. This was great for so many reasons! Not only did they taste great, adding zucchini also lowered the calories and fat per serving, it made one extra burger and what a great to get your picky kids to eat their vegetables. This made 5 big burgers. Serve them on 1 Point hamburger buns and top with lettuce, tomatoes, red onion slices, pickles, ketchup or mustard (add extra points). My final burger with the bun, ketchup, lettuce, onion came out to 4 points.

Fennel Salad with Ginger dressing

Fennel is a lovely herb, that can be used for many types of gardens. Try growing it in your kitchen garden, medicinal gardens and simply for attracting insects in your butterfly gardens. Any way you choose, fennel will be sure to please. Every part of fennel is not only for harvest, it tastes delicious! Fennel seeds are sweet and soothing, the flowers are edible in salads, the leaves are anise flavored and the root or bulb is commonly used raw in salads and cooked as a root vegetable. Medicinally, fennel is used in a tea to aid digestion, and also known to reduce hunger pains and sweeten the breath.

Raw Avocado-Broccoli Soup with Cashew Nuts

Did you know that avocados have several health benefits? Scientists have proved that a certain toxin present in avocados is able to kill cancer cells - it is used both in prevention and treatment of prostate and breast cancers. Furthermore, potassium in avocado can regulate pressure of blood, and oleic acid in avocado can be used to lower cholesterol level in the blood.

Wellness Directory
A Mindful Connection Counselling Services - 250-558-0688
Bahiti Belly Dance - 250-809-4530
Crystals Spirit Adventures - 250-681-1354
Dare To Dream - Body, Mind & Spirit Centre - 250-712-9295
Health is Bliss - 250-801-2798
MotionWorks Fitness - 250-768-1001
New You Integrations - 250 492 6093
Norma Cowie Enterprises - 250 490 0654
Penticton's Whole Foods Market - Health Store & Cafe - 250-493-2855
Serge Mazerand's Keys to Serenity
Sheila Stephenson – Penticton Health Practitioner - 250-493-3768
Sole 2 Soul - Vernon - 250-545-2747
Teresa Hwang Feng Shui & Design - 250-549-1356
The Natural Family Health Clinic and Chelation Centre - 250-497-6681
Uplifted Wholebody and Facial Rejuvenation - (250) 309-0411
Wind In The Willow - 250-276-5308
Your Youth Juice - 778-471-3912
Questions & Answers
Cindy AtkinsonYou Ask – We Answer! . . . your road map to health & wellness.
HAVE A QUESTION? LET US HELP! - We are here to help you with any of your health-related questions – nothing’s too big or too small! Our professional expert panel will do our best to provide you with information, suggestions, and resources.
The Q and A column is managed by Cindy Atkinson, BA Science in Genetics & Cell Biology.
Click here to ask a question on our Q & A page.


I have a question about walking for weight loss. My walking buddy believes the theory of walking distance is what helps you lose weight best versus my theory that it is the speed at which you walk that matters. So, could you help me figure this one out? Which matters most in ultimate weight loss: speed or distance?
Speed walker


Dear Speed Walker,

The answer to your question is quite simply that the more calories you burn the more weight loss the affect. So if you have lots of time to walk longer than great, however, if you walk fast then you have more time in the day for other activities that can also burn calories. For the greatest "bang for your buck" then I suggest that you vary your tempo while walking. This will keep your body from adapting to a walking program less quickly. Think about how long you have been walking during your life and how you are still wanting to lose weight. Adaption in fitness is what keeps us from our goals. Ever wonder why people can go to the gym or do any activity for many months and even years and still look the same?
Keep the body guessing and you will lose the weight!

Chad Genereux
Shen Ti Therapy & Personal Trainer
Supreme Events
Embracing Your Divinity
June 25, 2011
Goddess Wisdom - Okanagan Lake Tour
June 26, 2011
6 Days of Meditative Bliss with Deepak Chopra - Whistler
July 3, 2011
Sinixt Spirit Tour - Indigenous Culture, fun and healing on the river
July 10, 2011
Ohm Therapeutics™, Sound Healing Foundations
July 30, 2011
Penticton Peach Festival
August 3 - 7, 2011
Traditional Chinese Feng Shui - FSRC Professional - Certification Course - Modules 1 & 2
September 9, 2011
OK In Health presents - Certified Indian Head Massage - Weekend Intensive
September 9, 2011
Training in The New Regression Therapy
September 9 - 18, 2011
Traditional Chinese Feng Shui - FSRC Professional - Certification Course Modules 3 & 4
September 16, 2011
6th Annual Organic Okanagan Festival
September 18, 2011
Tarot for Successful Living
October 7, 2011
Plug Into Your Personal, Psychic & Spiritual Power
October 7 - 16, 2011
20th Annual Seniors Symposium Trade Show
October 19, 2011
Spiritual Group Tour To Egypt
October 20, 2011
Angel Empowerment Practitioner™ - Certification Course - Penticton Retreat
October 24, 2011
Business Course For Holistic Practitioners
November 26 - 27, 2011
Solstice Bliss
December 21, 2011
Body & Soul Wellness Fair - Vernon
March 3 - 4, 2012
Book Club
Lyndsay BlaisThe OK In Health's Book Club is managed by Lyndsay Blais, a passionate speaker, author and success coach.
Join in Lyndsay's weekly discussion on the book of the month. As an avid reader, Lyndsay looks forward to facilitating interesting conversations with you through the OK in Health Book Club! Would you like to join our New OK In Health's Book Club? Open to all OK In Health members.

Click here to join the book club.

Our current book is
Excuses Begone!: How to Change Lifelong, Self-Defeating Thinking Habits by Wayne W. Dyer

Still time to join us!

In this book, Dr. Wayne Dyer reveals how to change lifelong, self-defeating thinking patterns that prevent you from living at the highest levels of success, happiness, and health. You may know what to think but find it terribly difficult to change thinking habits that have been with you since childhood. This business of changing habituated thinking patterns is really the business of eliminating the same old tired excuses. When you eliminate excuses that explain your shortcomings or failures, you'll awaken to your infinite possibilities. This book can be found in most libraries and at local book stores.
Event Review
Event Review
OK in Health Members Review Panel offer their thoughts about a range of events from specialty movies to concerts, workshops, keynote speakers, health fairs, festivals and community events.
We sponsor community events that have value for our members.

Wayne Dyer has left the room, the Wesbild Centre in Vernon, BC to be exact. And that was over two months ago. The thing is, the ‘Wayne-presence’ lingers on. As I boarded the bus in Penticton that day for the nearly two hour drive to the event, I asked myself “Hmm what do I want to get out of this evening? What will this mean to be seeing t-he author whose works first appeared in my life in magazines in the 70’s and who is now claimed to be one of the most spiritual people in the world?”

The bus arrived just on time, and as we scrambled past the greeting area, vendors booths and book displays, searching for our seats, I heard him, his steady calm and smoothing voice setting the tone for the evening.

He paced the stage, often stopping to pick up a book or a paper marked with a quote that was suitable to the moment, then off he would go, wending stories into lessons, and always back to his main point – the fact that we are ONE. No, I will say it this way… WE ARE ONE, and though we have all had trials in our lives ( as he certainly has and was willing to talk of them ) our lives as body and spirit are connected with a wonderful and loving greater picture, and as his subject title states…we can attract our needs and desires into our lives.

Now, you might say that this is getting to be a well worked topic, but looking at this man, the word ‘transparency; came to mind. We could SEE and HEAR the living proof that a life of love and acceptance, with no pretences is possible. A real person having real moments was laying the path before us, and I swear, looking straight into my eyes and soul across the room beckoning me to enter the world he walked in.

Wayne is no perfect man. He has LIVED a life, felt pain, swears, loves and celebrates. But the thing that sets him apart is that he has and continues to step up to the plate and be accounted for, finding ways to grow and evolve as a loving being. And for this I thank and love him.

--Submitted by Sue Skidmore

Thank you Sue for this very insightful review. If you have a review of an event your saw on OK In Health and would like to share it with our members – please email us.

“An Integrated Approach to Aging and Elder Care” - Part Two by Del Muzzillo
The reality for most of us is that the food we eat and the nutrients that we consume from all sources actually do make a noticeable difference. In fact, we are what we eat....
Beautiful Nails and a Beautiful Garden by Deanna Klan
Yes, you can have both! These tips will help if you have already ruined your nails or are about to launch into serious weeding or planting.
Burn calories, not gas: Ride a bike by Environment Care Articles
Bike to Work Week (May 30 – June 5 is in several Canadian cities). Cycling to work is enjoyable, helps you get and stay in shape, and burns off stress. And when you consider gridlock and traffic, it’s often as fast as or faster than driving. It’s also way more efficient than car travel. According to the WorldWatch Institute, a bicycle needs 35 calories per passenger mile, while a car uses 1,860....
DIRT - the Movie - a Review by Dale Bonke
DIRT! The Movie is directed and produced by Bill Benenson and Gene Rosow and it takes you inside the wonders of the soil. It tells the story of Earth's most valuable and underappreciated source of fertility--from its miraculous beginning to its crippling degradation
Eat More Real Food by Lisa Kilgour
I tend to become, well, I guess "passionate" is the polite way of describing it, when discussing food. I get quite frustrated with all of the media and advertising surrounding what is healthy and what isn't.
Feed Your Cat as Nature Intended by Dr. Moira Drosdovech
Although commonly accepted that commercial dry food is an adequate 100% complete balanced diet for cats, I have many concerns with this line of thinking. For one, it is made with a great deal of grain or grain by-products, in most cases well over 40%.
Healthy Hearts Need Clean Air by Dr. François Reeves
Has pollution killed anyone? it's an appropriate question to consider, and it's often difficult to pinpoint direct proof of pollution's harmful effects on human health, except in cases of acute poisoning.
Is a Fairtrade Certified Product Expensive? by Flavia Aarden-Kilger
Are Fairtrade certified products expensive? Are they more expensive than other products? Are we getting more product for our money? Are we getting a better quality than other products? Why aren’t more companies buying fairtrade ingredients? And why are not more consumers buying fairtrade? Throughout the first 5 articles I’ve written, there’s a....
Let’s not take our abundance of clean water for granted by Environment Care Articles
If you’re reading this in Canada, chances are good that you can go to your kitchen and pour yourself a glass of cold, clean drinking water straight from the tap. If you’ve had a stressful day, you can run yourself a nice warm bath. That’s not the case in some parts of the world, where a woman may have to walk many kilometres with her children just to fill a bucket with murky water...
Meeting with the Medicine Man by Alexis Costello
Candido Morales Morales (not a typo, his name simply repeats itself) sees himself as one entrusted with the knowledge of thousands of years, trying to preserve it for the future. A Medicine Man of the Bribri tribe, he shares remedies that have been in use for over 1500 years...
Teach your children – by example – how to be healthy by Environment Care Articles
Composting? Piling wood? One might wonder what meaning those activities will have for a child who is going to grow up in a big city, parked in front of a computer screen or text messaging on a cellphone.
The (New & Improved?) Elimination Diet by David Dixon
When most people hear the words, “Elimination Diet”, they think of one that excludes many foods, then gradually re-introduces them, generally one at a time, to determine which ones are causing “allergic” reactions. But this one is different. I’ll explain...
Traveling and Dining Out Gluten Free by Cathy Lauer
Helpful information and up to date resources to help you find safe place to eat in your own town and across Canada.
Vegan Food For Children by Nicola Aichele
Clean, whole fresh foods, moderation, balance, small amounts at a time in harmony with your child’s needs will most succeed. Sunshine, fresh air, clean water, play, quietude, respect, touch & love, love, love…
When to see a Counsellor by Carole Fawcett
There are many reasons why someone reaches out and makes an appointment to see a counsellor. Perhaps a life issue feels insurmountable and speaking to family or friends would be uncomfortable. Maybe something has been bubbling just below the surface for many years...
Why is Fibre Important in our Diet? by Miscellaneous
Recent studies reveal that people who eat more wholegrain and high-fibre foods have a lower risk of obesity, cancer, diabetes and heart disease. A high fibre goes hand in hand with a healthy diet.
Yoga Pose of The Month by Fitness Pose
Step by Step on how to do the Camatkarasana Pose - One poetic translation of this pose means "the ecstatic unfolding of the enraptured heart."
You Snooze, You Win: The Power of Sleep by Dr. Melissa Bradwell
Are you tired of being tired? Have you decided that you’re never going to get another good nights’ sleep ever again? Well, you’re not alone. In times where there often doesn’t feel like there’s enough hours in a day, the area that usually gets affected is our sleep....
Your nose knows: Does your workplace pass the sniff test? by David Suzuki
We’ve all had the experience of a scent magically transporting us to a particular time or place. Some scents evoke meaningful memories, like frolicking in a field of flowers as a child or smelling the skin of someone near and dear. Some bring on different sensations, like a blinding headache...
Free Admission Events
FOOD ADDITIVES. What you don't know CAN hurt you!
June 21, 2011

Come learn about potentially harmful hidden additives that are in so many of our foods. More important, learn how to identify them and avoid them in the first place.
Safety Village Family Event
June 28, 2011

Free event for families with children under 10. Lots of safety activities. Bring your child's bike helmet! Bikes are provided.
Penticton Green Drinks
Second Sunday of Every month from 2pm -4pm at Wholefoods 17170 Main Street Penticton

Green Drinks is a social networking event for businesses, organizations and people concerned about the environment. each event features a speaker and free organic snacks and drinks served.
Kelowna AM Toastmasters Public Speaking/Leadership
June 23, 2011

If you will be visiting our club we ask that you arrive 5-10 minutes early so we can introduce ourselves, get you a cup of coffee and find you a seat. It's a great way to start your day!
Small Business Marketplace
June 25, 2011

This is a good way for independant consultants to build a customer base and create connections with others like-minded people.
Yasodhara Ashram's 16th Annual STRAWBERRY SOCIAL
June 25, 2011

Come enjoy local musical talent, delicious strawberries and cream, a used book sale, and much more. All are welcome. East Shore of Kootenay Lake
Indigo Adults: Open Discussion Group
July 6, 2011

An open discussion group for highly intuitive, sensitive adults who have a passion for life and equality - open minded, open hearted, spiritual, synchronistic, loving, creative, 'psychic', a pioneer.
Green Drinks - Kelowna
July 7, 2011

Sustainability networking event, is taking place at Doc Willoughby’s pub. Come on out and meet, mingle, and network with a lively mixture of sustainability-minded people.
Concerned about your Diabetes? - Terrace
Tuesday Afternoons 1:30 - 2:45

FREE Diabetes information event - Different subject every week. Limited seating. Please RSVP and meantion OK In Health as your referral.
Retreats & Weekend Away
Goddess Wisdom - Okanagan Lake Tour
June 26, 2011

Align with you Inner Goddess out on the lake! Enjoy a relaxing morning out on the water - celebrating the beautiful Woman you are! Empowering and Inspiring!
6 Days of Meditative Bliss with Deepak Chopra - Whistler
July 3, 2011

Join Deepak Chopra, David Simon, and the Chopra Center staff for a life-changing journey of meditation, celebration, and inner transformation next summer at Seduction of Spirit.
Sinixt Spirit Tour - Indigenous Culture, fun and healing on the river
July 10, 2011

Connect to the majestic spirit of the mountains and rivers in the Columbia Basin and Slocan Valley of Beautiful BC,Canada. Rejeuvenate your Soul and be part of co-created Earth Healing ceremony.
A Girls Weekend Out… Kamloops
You pick the weekend!

Get all the girls together and spend an unforgettable, fun and relaxing weekend at the South Thompson Inn & Conference Centre.
The Couples Journey: Retreat
July 3, 2011

Imago Couples Therapy and Holotropic Breathwork helps couples rediscover the joy of being together while using their relationship for personal change and growth.
Whatshan Lake Retreat - Family Days
July 5, 2011

A brand new event - focusing on families with many activities planned for the whole family during this week long event.
Broadening The Self, 12 Day Retreat With "The Wonders".
July 7, 2011

This retreat will, through 33 sessions with The Wonders, help be a study, into the exploration of deepening and broadening the awareness beyond 3rd dimensional reality - organic meals prepared
Mystic Nature Retreats - Slocan Valley
July 10, 2011

Return to Innocence: Hike, paddle, relax, laugh, local organic eats,tour to ancient sites, Sacred Fire, and heal with local Elders, authors, guides and more.
Advanced Ayurveda Training Course in Thailand
July 16, 2011

Radiant Health. Healthy Weight, Sharp Mind, Optimum Diet - Balance at All Stages of Life.
Alaska Inside Passage Cruise - "Mindfulness Based Therapy"
August 2, 2011

Earn 20 or 25 CEU hours with 3 Ethics in "Mindfulness Based Therapy". Approved by NBCC, NASW, CRCC, CA BBS, and OK LADC, LMFT, LPC.
Festivals & Fairs
Penticton Peach Festival
August 3, 2011

Fabulous entertainment, a terrific variety of vendors, two parades, an Aboriginal Cultural Village, a Square Dance Festival, Penticton Peach Festival Royalty, a sandcastle competition and a midway.
Westside Daze - Free Family Festival
June 30, 2011

We have arranged an EXCEPTIONAL weekend of fun, entertainment and food… come share it with us!
Smithers Midsummer Music Festival
July 1, 2011

12th Annual Vancouver Chinatown Festival
August 6, 2011

The biggest multicultural summer celebration in the area. Highlights include an open-air market, tasting and walking tours, culture areas, kids' corner, ongoing live performances, and much more
Salmon Arm Roots and Blues Festival
August 19, 2011

A three-day music celebration features six stages and over 45 artists representing Canada and the World. Phone for more details
Fitness Classes
Introduction to Outrigger Canoeing
June 23, 2011

Learn to Paddle Outrigger canoeing combines endurance, technique, and teamwork, and is fun for people of all ages and abilities.
Rattlesnake Island Small Boat Race
August 20, 2011

Rattle your boat to the island and snake back via Peachland for an all out no holds barred race to the finish!
Feldenkrais Works...... - Nelson
Thurs.'s 5:15-6:15 p.m., Fri.'s 12-1 p.m.

Better balance, posture, flexibility, less pain.....
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Connect with Yourself Weekly
Michael O'ConnorTake time in your busy week to reflect on your inner rhythms of yourself and your life. OK In Health's Soular Rhythms column managed by Michael O'Connor.
Astrologer/Numerologist and a popular columnist, lecturer, presenter and workshop facilitator, Michael brings enthusiasm, passion and a wealth of knowledge.

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Tip of the Week:

The Full Moon on June 15th is a Total Lunar Eclipse. It will be visible in the south western hemisphere. Yet, the effects of it will be felt by everyone. This eclipse season is stirring some dramatic themes which will become obvious to virtually everyone over the next six months. Every eclipse hosts a different theme and this one is not so pleasant overall. Hidden agendas, corruptions and external events too, as in drastic weather will all continue and possibly even escalate. The following two eclipse seasons in November 2011 and May 2012 are also slated to be dramatic. Bringing the implications of these into consciousness will not cause the drama. It helps us to be aware and prepare mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. With all the cataclysms occurring in the world, it is wishful thinking to say it will not continue. Looking back over the past six months, a lot of people would probably wish that...
Message Board
Maria CarrMaria Carr – Publisher/Founder: Our message board is for sharing comments and ideas about recent events, courses, treatments, health concerns, about our website or services.
We also provide specialty coverage for natural health related issues such as maternity, women’s and families, our environment, natural animal care, practice & support groups, health stores & natural businesses, local health events, and workshops.

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I am looking for a group in Penticton that follow the ACIM ..a course in miracles study group... please help... from Sherilyn (to contact Sherilyn, please email OK in Health)

I am looking for some like-minded people interested in joining a food awareness group called REA4L. Real Eating Awareness 4 Life. Okanagan - BC - CAN (to contact Raina, please email OK in Health)

Love to read the health news, thank you. from Nita, Vancouver Island

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 Featured Wellness Directory Services

Crystals Spirit Adventures
Crystal Bouchard
Kelowna & Central Okanagan

Description: I look forward to helping you connect to your inner wisdom....
your truth. *Intuitive Healing, Counselling and Retreats.

Specialties: Energy Workers, Meditation, Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Life Coach, Counseling & Therapy, Retreats & Weekend Aways

                                                                                         View Details

 Uplifted Wholebody and Facial Rejuvenation


Alara Serait
Vernon & North Okanagan

Description: Uplifted services include All-Natural Facelift,The Reconnection,Psychic Readings, EFT and Sedona Method, Weight Loss products,anti-aging products,anti-aging lifestyle and nutritional advice.

Specialties: EFT , Energy Workers, Psychics & Mediums, Colour Healing, Reconnective Healing, Esthetics - Wholistic, Weight Loss



OK In Health’s Healing Circle


"Helping Humanity, Helping to Heal, Helping to Support One Another -
 One Person at a Time."

Hello, I would like to ask for healing support for my daughter who has vasculitis/ inflammation of the kidney blood vessels. Please send intent and healing that they stop bleeding and kidneys return the normal. Flying her to Children’s hospital  for biopsy on June 2nd. Thank you. From Maria

Hello, We would love to receive guided healing session for our teenage son Nicholas, who is currently using a wheelchair and now with acute illness. We would love to experience the affect and effect of celebrating our oneness through this very challenging time.  From Nichola’s Mum.

Hello, Please send healing thoughts and prayers for my daughter, who is going through a very difficult time now and experiencing great health challenges. She needs to know that there is support in the community for her and that she is not along.  Ok In Health member.

Post a Healing Request


Latest Classifieds

Health Food Store For Sale
Very profitable business in Pemberton BC, with loyal clientele in growing community 25 minutes north of Whistler. Catering to the health conscious we provide a wide variety of nutritional supplements, botanical formulas, aromatherapy, homeopathics, body care, books, bulk herbs and food, organic and specialty groceries. Turn key business in leased location, includes inventory, computer POS system, commercial freezer and 3 coolers, 54 bulk bins, shelving and displays, customer and vendor list, and full training. $159,000. Email 

Wanted - Dental Hygienist
Town: Oliver. Phone: 250-498-2220. Dental Office seeking Hygienist to join our harmonious staff. Please call for info. 250-498-2220.

Space For Rent
Are you an established entrepreneur in the business of enriching the lives of others and seeking office space in a beautiful, nurturing environment? The Lovin Livin Centre, located above the Marmalade Cat Café in the heart of the Mission has a rare, one of a kind space available. This is a full time opportunity with a flat monthly fee. Current independent services include: life coaching, counselling, hands on healing, hypnotherapy, holistic prenatal courses and love your life wellness programs and retreats. The unique and inspiring, self contained space offers:  A large office/practitioner room with large window, Full, private bathroom within the room, Walk in closet (for supplies), Total space available is approximately 400 sq. ft., Air Conditioning, Free parking, Opportunity to access Lovin Livin Room, Align and grow your business in a vibrant community with like hearted professionals. This opportunity is available May 1st.  Viewing by appointment only. Please contact  e-mail  or call 250 470 1041.

For Sale

State–of–the–Art Software for Health Practitioners 
NES Health System
The NES technology quickly analyzes the human body-field and graphically pinpoints structures that require attention. Comprehensive reports recommend specific Infoceuticals that work to balance the body-field.  The science of biophysics is the basis for the scanning of the human body-field, and the Infoceutical technology of the NES Health System. Biophysics incorporates the latest research into information transfer within living organisms and is related to a branch of physics--Quantum Electro Dynamics (QED) field theory--that involves the study of communication between atoms.
For detailed information check the following websites: Research and Articles about the technology: website  Head office site: website    Distributor for North America: webiste   $6,000 includes DVD, promotional material and 20 infoceuticals. Contact Carole punt E-mail  or (250) 497-6867


For Sale - 27th Fifth Wheel.
Are you ready for Camping season?
Rear Kitchen. Sleep 6. A/C. Great condition, $7.000 Penticton. Call Maria at 250 492 4759. looking for a newer van.

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