BodyTalk: Fundamentals (Mod 1 & 2)

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Body Talk Fundamentals provide a comprehensive introduction to the Body Talk System and presents many powerful treatments & techniques that address a wide variety of diseases.

Date:May 17, 2012
May 17 to May 21, 2012
Location:BodyTalk Fundamentals (Modules 1&2)
Armstrong, B.C. Canada


BodyTalk: Can be used as a stand-alone system to treat many chronic & acute health problems, or can be seamlessly integrated with any healthcare regimen to increase its overall effectiveness.

The course starts May 17th, 2012…from 6-9:30 pm, then May 18,19,20,& 21st from 9am-5:30 pm.

The students are taught how to work with the BodyTalk procedures, protocol, and techniques.
BodyTalk works with muscle testing and tapping. The techniques help balance the brain, the metabolic processes, the entire immune system, posture and the physical structure of the body, thus improving the body, mind and spirit of an individual. There are more, these are the basic techniques. Students are also taught how to use these techniques on others to help improve health. The ultimate help is that an individual has more resiliency towards stress and other factors that can be detrimental to long term health.

BodyTalk is an astonishingly simple & effective holistic therapy that allows the body's energy systems to be re-synchronized so they can operate as nature intended. Each system, cell, & atom is in constant communication with each other at all times. Through exposure to the stresses of day-to-day life, however, these lines of communication can become compromised or disconnected, which then leads to a decline in physical, emotional &/or mental well-being. Reconnecting these lines of communication enables the body's
internal mechanisms to function at optimal levels, thus repairing & preventing disease while rapidly accelerating the healing process. BodyTalk stimulates the body's innate ability to balance & heal itself on all levels.

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