Animal Communication (With Small Animals)

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In this training you will be given the opportunity to develop some of the important basics in communicating with animals.

Date:Jun 3, 2012
June 3rd and June 10th at 9:30 am to 3:00 pm both days
Location:Animal Communication (With Small Animals)
Venue will be given upon registration
Penticton, BC Canada


This is the first class in Animal Communication training.

To truly understand the animals in our life, we need to put ourselves in their place, to feel what an animal feels, to see what an animal sees, and to move as the animal moves. All of our senses need to come alive. We are fortunate to be human, because we have the opportunity to use our human abilities alongside our animal capacities. Combining the human experience with the animal experience gives us the chance to realize our full potential as physical/spiritual beings. When we develop the animal skills and senses within us, we shift ourselves into another realm of consciousness. The animal lives in the moment, sees the perfection of each moment and delivers himself into the moment, with complete focus and concentration. There is a simple joy in just observing, smelling, moving, tasting, loving… the analytical side is absent…everything just is.

By becoming more in tune with the animal, we are given the opportunity to learn what respect truly means. We are shown how to walk in nature with the complete acceptance of balance, harmony and peace. Life and death are not big time issues. They are just simple movements of energy. Life force shifts from one body temple to another and to another… they flow like the water in a mountain stream, never really dying just changing and moving from one form to another. The deeper you connect to the animals in your life, the deeper you connect to nature and become awakened to the amazing doorways that this powerful force, Mother Nature, provides for us.

When you begin to telepathically communicate with your animal friends, you may feel a flood of loving acceptance and joy flow to you. This is the energy that our friends hold within them. Even the most hostile animal holds this energy deep down inside. There is a core essence of loving acceptance settling within the soul of each animal. The bonus in this is that we get to experience this feeling on a continual basis day after day when we communicate with our friends.

Communicating involves letting go on our part, we cannot expect that the animal will see things or even feel things as we do. In most cases they send us an abstract message that can make almost ‘no sense’ to us. But if you let go of your human perspective and ride with the feelings that animal is sending you, then the pictures become clearer and all falls into place. Learning to become the animal, activating your senses, getting in tune with nature and learning how to lovingly accept each person you meet, are good steps towards becoming the ideal Interspecies Communicator.

In this course you will be taught some basic technqiues in:

How to activate and develop your physical sensing system.
How to activate and develop your intuitive sensing system. (Your 6th sense)
Animal chakras & auras.
How the animals use their energy fields & their nervous system.
Learning how to think like an animal.
Creating a Safe Environment for an AnimalSimple techniques in Soothing & Calming a Nervous animal.

Pre-registration necessary to attend. Your investment: $140.00 includes manual and cds.

SUE PETERS: I have received some formal training in animal communication from International Interspecies Communicators and Animal therapists, Samantha Khury and Penelope Smith. I am also a Certified Reiki Practitioner/Master teacher, Hawaiian Huna Practitioner, CranioSacral Therapist and Certified Acupressure Masseuse. I presently work part-time as a Life Coach and Energy Medicine Facilitator at Windsong School of Healing in Port Alberni, BC. In my Animal Communication Classes I have combined my knowledge of animals with Reiki, Earth Medicine and other alternative-healing skills.