How Dreams Are Sacred Messages From Your Higher Self and Spirit

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Dreams tell you Who You Are but your higher self, guides & angels actually send you more guidance during the day than at night! A whole new level of reality revealed. You will never feel alone again!

Date:Sep 16, 2012
6:00 to 9:00 pm
Location:Private Home
10216 Happy Valley Road


Dreams and Messages From Spirit

Your nightly dreams are an ingenious tool and part of your human design to help teach you about what is going on in your life and in your inner reality. Simply put, dreams tell you Who You Are.

Your inner reality is that sacred space inside of you that only you experience. This inner reality consists of your: wisdom, emotions, thoughts, creative imagination, patterns, belief systems, attitudes, opinions, feelings, intuition, higher self and the entire history of your soul.

Most people are not very aware of this internal world and the plethora of information it can provide you about your life. This information is your guidance system in life. The more you know yourself, the more you can consciously co-create your everyday reality. This is why you are on the planet with free will – so that you can create what you want. But you cannot create what you desire until you know the blueprint or programming that you are currently operating with or by.

This workshop is designed to show you how your nightly dreams, day dreams and even everyday events bring you the information you need to help you navigate the waters of your life and show you Who You Are.

In this workshop you will learn that your intuition, higher self, guides, angels, and Creator communicate with you constantly, day and night. These messages come to you as signs, symbols, images, coincidences, omens, and serendipitous events. Even license plates, repetitively seeing the same numbers, songs on the radio, encounters with animals, and other attention-getting events can be Spirit’s way of guiding you towards your soul’s purpose and enlightenment.

This workshop teaches you how to recognize and understand these symbolic messages using the wisdom of the Ancient Mystery School teachings. Once you learn how to interpret the information sent to you in your dreams, you will use the same easy-to-use methods to see, hear, and understand the endless messages that you receive during the day.

You will be provided with various step-by-step ways to recognize and interpret your nighttime and daytime messages, and an extensive dictionary of symbols is included in Kerry’s book Spirit Talk: Understanding Spirits’ Messages (formally called Healing Into Wholeness through Dreams: A Guide to Self-Mastery).

This workshop is your essential tool for self-empowerment, enlightenment, and self-mastery, as well as a comforting reminder that your Creator is with you every step of the way.

“Kerry’s book has been one of the biggest catalysts in my spiritual awakening.” – S. LeShien

“Kerry’s book is the best tool I have ever had to help me understand messages from the Creator.”
– D. Paul

“Phenomenal – an excellent overview of understanding messages from spirit.” – M. MacMartin

You actually receive more messages from spirit during your waking hours than your dream hours! In this workshop you will learn:

• How to readily recognize, identify and decipher your spirit guides waking time messages
• How to request help from your spirit guides and how to see, sense, hear and understand the answers
• To see the purpose and deeper meaning of all events in your life.
• How to enrich and empower yourself and reveal your life purpose
• How to stretch your awareness 10-fold and move closer to your enlightenment
• How to easily and effortlessly translate the personal meanings of your signs, symbols, images, visions, daily events, day dreams and night dreams (it’s easier than you think!)
• What repetitive numbers mean or seeing the same thing or object over and over again
• What meaning and messages animal encounters have for you
• Why it’s important to pay attention to whatever gets your attention (it's always a message from spirit!)
• Simple interpretation methodology that can be used for understanding your night dreams, day dreams and everyday attention getting occurrences
• How to gain clarity; insight; guidance; wisdom; validation and direction every single day!

You will discover how comforting it is to know you are constantly being supported and guided by your benevolent guides and Creator at all times.

This is by far one of the best and most eye opening workshops Kerry teaches. Don’t miss this opportunity to have your 3rd eye pop open as you begin to see a whole new level of reality emerging in your life!

This course totally helped me how to see and interpret life's everyday signals and how this impacts my spiritual development. Its as simple as learning to observe the world around your with new eyes and ears, and you teach this simple technique so well. Totally insightful and useful! Thank you!"
S. B., Ottawa, Ontario

"This workshop, for me, was taking me out of the clouds to bringing me down to earth where our lives are meant to be lived or should I say our lessons to be learned. I have the knowledge & the tools now to use and its all because of your willingness to share. I would not change anything on the way you teach; your guides are going a great job! Keep listening. Thank you & bless you!"
Darquise DaSilva, Ottawa, Ontario

"The Dream Workshop with Kerry Palframan was inspiring and a revelation to answers to improving my well being. I would recommend the workshop to anyone searching for answers or anyone who wishes to improve their mind, body or soul on their road to enlightenment."
Carolyn Fucili, Barrie, Ontario

"This course helped me connect the dots and understand the importance of listening at a different level (a symbolic level - which was easier than I expected). And I am so much more aware of signs and symbols that I receive in the daytime! I didn't realize I was missing so much! I now have more tools to use and a greater way to understand myself. Thanks! Amy, Ottawa, Ontario

"The dream course which Kerry teaches is nothing short of a masterpiece. She gives you the tools to take charge of your life."
M. Lisi, Toronto, Ontario

"I loved it, I loved it, I loved it. Being able to interpret my spirits messages and dreams has helped me so much in my everyday life. I have become aware of situations and my guides in my waking-hours that I was never attentive of before."
S. Herron, Mississauga, Ontario

"Kerry Palframan's Dream Workshop is fun, insightful and has helped m

Kerry Palframan, a registered nurse by profession, began delving into the world of the unseen to help her overcome a life threatening illness. A renowned gifted visionary, teacher, medical intuitive, healer, spiritual life coach, intuitive reader and spiritual medium, she now offers the wisdom of the esoteric and sacred ancient teachings in a powerful series of workshops, texts, book and a guided meditation CD. She brings forth information from Spirit as a service to all and offers Intuitive readings online, email, Internet or by phone. Read about her inspiring story, free oracle advice and workshop schedule at Full description of workshops on Kerry’s website under Workshops page.