Sacred Journey to Peru

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This tour will take you to several sacred sites within the Sacred Valley of Peru, including Macchu Picchu.

Date:Dec 9, 2017
12 days ending 12/21/2017
Location:Sacred Journey to Peru
Kelowna, BC Canada


Experience Peru on many levels. Connect with the people, the land, the history and your sacred space within, with real Peruvian guides to impart the knowledge of the country. We will visit sacred sites daily between Cusco and Macchu Picchu. Average fitness is required as there are some steep stairs to climb along the hillsides to some of the sacred sites. The other Major Highlight of this tour is bringing Christmas to the Children of the Mountains who otherwise would not be able to partake in such an event. We will visit them at their schools and bring Chocolatta and buns for all! It is a very special time for all of us. One that will leave a lasting impression on you/them for life. Peru holds many secrets for us. Come with us and find yours. For complete details visit

Marie is a holistic practitioner in Kelowna BC. She has been helping people heal for 17 years. Marie fell in Love with Peru in 1981 and rekindled her love on a Spiritual tour such as this one, in December of 2015. Now Marie is fulfilling her dream of sharing this deep, rich country with others. Marie's passion is 'enhancing health for every body', no matter how that looks for each individual along their journey in this lifetime. Experiencing Peru in it's fullness is one of those ways. Peru will ignite your Spirit. Join Marie for your personal experience and fulfillment on December 9, 2017 and take home your lasting memory.