Excursion to Glendalough with Kryon (Bank Holiday Monday May 1st - Ireland)

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A day bus tour to Glendalough with Kryon Channelling by Lee Carroll, organized by Maria O’Farrell Carr (Celtic Wisdom Keeper) and with Meditation by Jane Donald in the Crystal forest.

Date:May 1, 2017
Bank Holiday Monday
Price:100 euros per person
Location:Royal Marine Hotel
Marine Rd,
Dun Laogaire, Co. Dublin Ireland


Please note that we are expecting this tour to sell out early!! Pre-registration is mandatory. Book here and pay in Ireland on the bus. Cash only in Euros.

To register:

Glendalough (or Gleann Da Loch, meaning ‘The Glen of the Two Lakes’) is situated in the heart of the Wicklow Mountains National Park. The ancient monastery is a fascinating site, having been founded in the 6th century by St. Kevin. Set in a glaciated valley with two lakes, the monastic remains include a superb round tower, stone churches and ancient ruins. The round tower is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the area. The site also includes a Celtic high cross, St. Mary’s Church and St. Kevin’s Church. The remains of three stone crosses and a stone fort are also to be found between the upper and lower lakes.

Glendalough became an important place of pilgrimage and a sacred energy center when the Celtic monastery of St. Kevin flourished there from the 6th to the 11th century. Long before the monastery was built, Glendalough was a Druids school and before that a sacred place for people seeking healing, encouragement and blessing for their lives. After the Monastery closed and especially during the 17th and 18th centuries, pilgrimage still continued to visit this sacred land and was an expressions of Irish people’s spirituality.

Your Guides:
Lee Carroll – Kryon Channellings
Maria O’Farrell Carr – Organizer and Celtic Wisdom Keeper
Jane Donald – Irish Vibrational Healer – Meditation
Rosie O’Toole – Local guide

May 1st – Bank Holiday Monday
8:30 - 8:45am - bus arrives. Payment on bus. Exact cash only.
9am - Depart. Meet outside the lobby at the Royal Marine Hotel in Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin
5pm – Return. This is only an estimate time that we return back to the Royal Marine Hotel.

Getting to Royal Marine Hotel:
The Royal Marine hotel is right beside the Dun Laoghaire D.A.R.T Train station, the CIE local bus # 7, 7a, 45a, 46a, 59, 63, 75 and the Airport Aircoach stops right outside hotel.

Cost: 100.00 Euros per person - early bird rate until February 8, 2017. (Regular price is 130.00 cad per person.)
Payment: Cash only on bus - contact us by email to register.

Not Included: Lunch.
Lunch is available at the Glendalough hotel. There are bathrooms and coffee stands that have drinks, ice cream, snacks and sandwiches at the lower and upper lakes. There are also picnic tables available to if we wish to bring a packed lunch.
Driver tips are not included.

What to Bring: Dress for the weather, raingear, good walking shoes, water, camera and a plastic bag for sitting on.

Questions: Your host Maria O’Farrell Carr - see email icon above

Accommodation: 3 day package available at Royal Marine hotel- contact us. Also local B&B close by.

More details:
As we depart Dun Laoghaire we travel to Glendalough with a stop at Lough Tay and we soak up the breathtaking Wicklow mountain scenery and rolling green countryside at locations made famous by movies such as Braveheart and P.S. I Love You.
On arrival at Glendalough we start the day with a Kryon Channelling. Bring a plastic bag to sit on.

Then we take a 20 minute walk up with Jane Donald and Rosie O’Toole to the upper lake followed by a walk up to the Poulanass Waterfall with its breathtaking views, native flora and fauna, and moss covered trees. We will stop the hidden Crystal Forest. This is a Fairy’s healing center and where large quartz’s crystals grow out under the tree’s roots. There is a brook that some people like to dip their toe in.

Irish vibrational healer Jane Donald will share with us a guided meditation.
Then we travel along a trail back down coming out at the Reefert Church who’s name derives from the Irish for Royal Cemetery, Rig Fearta, and is believed to be a burial site for the local chiefs of the O’Toole and O’Byrne clan, and possibly St. Kevin himself. After a short bathroom stop or pick up a coffee or an Irish Ice Cream we head back down to the lower lake center with a short 20 minute walk.
A moderate level of fitness is required. If you feel you are unable to walk that far we do our guide Maria who will take a group around the lower monastery ruins during the morning session.

Then we have free time to have some lunch and the group will then have time to explore the Glendalough monastery with our guides Jane, Rosie and Maria who will bring you round the site starting at the Gateway to the Monastic City (800s-900s A.D.) Passing on through the gate you will see all around you the graves of the local population, some of the early tombstones being very finely engraved. This gives an unusual atmosphere to the site and provides a spiritual link to the beliefs and wishes of the early monastic settlers.” There is also the cathedral, St. Kevin’s church to explore and also the site of the ancient cemetery with its high crosses.

One of the outstanding feature of Glendalough is the Round Tower, probably dating from the early 1100s A.D. Round Towers were spread throughout Ireland and were built from the 950s to the late 1100s A.D. Contrary to popular belief; they were not built principally as places of refuge, but as bell towers, which is the translation of the Irish word “Cloigtheach”. The round towers of Ireland are seen as a symbol of Celtic Christianity, but their arrangement in the landscape reveals a greater mystery. The layout of the round towers across the country matches up with the layout of constellations of stars in the sky as they are at the winter solstice. This echoes the layout of the pyramids at Giza that are arranged in the shape of the constellation of Orion. Henry O’Brien has suggested that the round towers date back to the ancient Tuatha De Danann (who inhabited Ireland before the Celts) who he says were from Atlantis.

During our free time you may also wish to visit the Glendalough visitor center €4. The Visitor Centre has an interesting exhibition and an audio-visual show. French, Italian and Spanish guided tours are available.

We meet back together. Where we will have a second Kryon Channelling there or if time permits at the a nearby stone circle before returning to Dun Laoghaire Hotel.

Top Photo by Irish photographer Colm Jackson
Middle and Bottom photo by Monika Muranyi

LEE CARROLL, PhD has channeled Kryon for 25 years worldwide and is the author of the Kryon Series in 24 languages. This brings the total of Lee Carroll books to 16. In collaboration with Kryon archivist and author Monika Muranyi, there are three more Kryon books being published between 2013 and 2015! This brings the total of available Kryon books (as channelled by Lee Carroll) to 19. Well known in metaphysics, Kryon books have made the top seller’s list within months of release. One of his books, The Indigo Children, introduced the term “Indigo Children” to the world. Having presented 7 times at the United Nations and in 33 countries overseas, Lee attracts audiences in the thousands world-wide.