Gokhale Method Free Intro Workshop and Foundation Course

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Gokhale Method Foundation Course - Primal Posture for a Pain Free Life!

Date:Jun 9 - Jun 10, 2017
Location:Motion Works Studio
1607 Pandosy Street
Kelowna, BC Canada


Gokhale Method Foundations is the core offering of the Method.
In six lessons, you can change your habits efficiently and profoundly through a combination of verbal explanation, visual materials, and gentle hands-on guidance.

- Reduce or eliminate many kinds of musculoskeletal pain
- Prevent joint degeneration
- Increase energy, stamina, and flexibility
- Improve your circulation and breathing
- Reduce stress
- Look and feel more confident

I am pleased to recommend Mati as a Gokhale trainer. She is very well informed about back care issues and the mechanics of the musculoskeletal system in general. Her training is precise and perceptive. It is a life-affirming and life-changing practice!
~ Robert Hobson, City Planner, Kelowna, BC

Mati trained as a runner and a gymnast in her teens and then as a massage therapist. In India, she explored meditation and a variety of healing approaches. Trained and certified as a Yin Yoga teacher, she came to realize the importance of posture, and that even the gentlest forms of yoga can lead to back pain. Personally motivated, she read “8 Steps to a Pain Free Back,” and quickly knew that the Gokhale Method was her calling. Mati is noted for giving her full undivided attention to her students, making a noticeable difference in how much is retained. And also for her warmth and sense of humour. She’s pleased to offer the Gokhale Method in Edmonton, Calgary and Kelowna, Canada