Earn your Certified Hypnotherapy LIVE in Kelowna

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Ever thought about adding Hypnotherapy to your toolbox? IMDHA Certification available

Date:Jul 10, 2017
Monday and Tuesday for 18 days
Location:Shawanda Wellness Center
1924 Ambrosi Road
Kelowna, BC - British Columbia Canada


Become a Certified Hypnotherapist by September 2017!
Join us on June 19,2017 at 7 pm at Shawanda Wellness Center in Kelowna to find out more about earning your Hypnotherapy Diploma.

This is not a light weight class. It is 220 hours of training. We are holding class on Monday and Tuesdays starting July 10,2017. At YOU Academy we are committed to helping you create a practice.

And we are holding it LIVE right in Kelowna.

And this is not just a one time thing. It is our hope to support Kelowna by doing two classes a year as well as a part time class in October.

Hypnotherapy is the key to grounding your energy and healing what you are not aware of but your are reacting to.

Much more than I ever expected! R.H.

I learned more in the last 20 days with Corinne about personal development and a career path that I can create than I have with all my degrees. T.L.

Love this class, excited to start my business. J.T.

Corinne Ropp has been delivering classes, seminars, and workshops in hypnotherapy, coaching, personal development, and metaphysics for the past 18 years. Each of her classes are guaranteed to create a huge life changing difference in your life as well as the lives of your clients. Corinne is a black belt martial artist, a best selling author, has PhD in Behavioral Science, avid nature photographer,and her greatest accomplishment is the relationships with her family including her 5 grandchildren. Her mission in this life is to serve.