Metatronia Therapy® Healing and Attunement Workshop

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In this transformational workshop receive certification and attunement to Metatronia Therapy®, one of the latest, most cutting edge energy healing therapies that assists the ascension process.

Date:Apr 28, 2018
April 28, 2018; 10:30 AM to 4:00 PM
Location:Sanctuary of Wellness
Edmonton, AB Canada


In this transformational workshop, you will receive official training, certification and attunement to Metatronia Therapy®, one of the latest, most cutting edge energy healing therapies that is now available at this time on the planet to assist mankind’s light evolutionary (ascension) process. Whether you would like to use the vibration for your own personal healing/alignment and awakening only or also on others in a professional setting as a Metatronia Therapy® practitioner, you will be able to do so upon completion of this workshop.

Metatronia Therapy® brings you into divine alignment with the magnificent truth of who you really are, which is the unconditional LOVE of Source (Creator). We are awakening to a new state of being. A higher, conscious awareness of the greater reality.

Workshop Includes:
--PowerPoint presentation
--Transmissions of Light, deep connection with Source and your true divine essence
--Attunement to Metatronia Therapy® Healer Level or Master Level if already attuned to Healer Level
--Discussion and guidance
--Healing demonstration and techniques for self-healing/alignment and on others for in-person and distant treatments
--Workbook which is issued to attendees before the workshop date
--Guidance on how to work from a place of purity/love, so as to be a clear and open channel for the divine and an instrument of peace

*This will be a deeply healing, and transformational workshop, bringing you into deep connection with your true divine essence and alignment to Source. Also bringing deep release, to assist you with moving forward with stepping fully into your divine light and soul’s purpose. Begin to experience life from a higher perspective as a unique inner journey of self-discovery is triggered in which are able to live in divine flow as you simply be and express your true nature.

*Ongoing support and guidance from Maya is available to you beyond the workshop as well, as you continue on your path with Metatronia Therapy®.

--Metatronia Therapy® is an approved and accredited training program and the Metatronia Therapy® Foundation of Light is the governing board for all global practitioners. All attendees will be issued an official certificate and membership package from the MTFOL. There are also free online webinars for Metatronia Therapy® practitioners a few times a year that you may register in.

Metatronia Therapy®:
-- is conscious, divine Source healing light & alignment energy and may be termed as “electro-medicine.”
--is involved in bioenergetics (energy flow through living systems).
--is more than energy healing as the vibration aligns you to your true divine essence/Oneness with Source.
--is a very high vibrational frequency that links to Archangel Metatron, who is assisting mankind’s ascension at this time.
--works very deeply yet gently to bring healing/alignment to the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, celestial bodies, and beyond that to assist/accelerate the awakening/ascension process.
--works to your own unique vibratory signature and will help align you to your unique soul path.
-- assists with releasing those parts of your “story” within the “dream” that are no longer serving your highest good, and bringing you to where you need to be on your soul’s journey.
--assists with the process of healing the ego mind (separation consciousness) and aligning it back to the One Divine Mind (Oneness consciousness).

Attendees will be required to pay the one-time Metatronia Therapy® Foundation of Light (MTFOL) lifetime membership fee of £15 prior to the workshop date.

This will be a small class size. Pre-registration is required by April 16, 2018. Register early to reserve your spot in this transformational workshop!

"So what happened after was that the anxiety and pain of the grief really did GO!!!! I was soooo happy.... I’ve been able to reach that deep sense of peace and hold it. Really listening and following looking after myself more and resting, and getting more sleep. The energy felt just wonderful. I was completely wide open and surrendered every single part of myself. I didn't have any resistance whatsoever. I had a hundred percent trust in you, Metatron and the whole process. I made sure to keep drinking plenty of water. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I absolutely LOVE the energy and am tremendously grateful to you for the treatment. You have an amazing, unique gift and have so much to give to the world and to offer to others who need help, guidance, comfort, healing and upgrades of light and love."

"I really enjoyed my Metatronia Therapy session. It was very different from anything I have tried in the past but I am open to new experiences. I felt very well rested and relaxed by the end of the session. I saw many colors flash like fireworks around the final 5 mins with shadows of snowflake like figures. (pink, green, blue, gold) At one point I enjoyed seeing a very happy smiley photo or video like image of my son (most of my biggest anxieties that cause much sleep deprivation are related to him, a mothers worries and guilt). The biggest surprise of all is that the overwhelming pain in my back and wrist are gone. Thank You!"

"Thanks for sharing your impressions with me! I loved the energy of this attunement. Thank you!! Lots of cool impressions came through. I felt like I was taken to many different time-frames and dimensions. I also saw old programs being plucked and pulled from all over my body. Thanks for the amazing experience! I'm excited to move forward with this energy!"

Maya Bringas B.Sc. B.Ed., is a Spiritual Teacher, Writer, Source Alignment and Ascension Counsellor, Lightworker, and Metatronia Therapy® Master Healer/Trainer/Workshop Facilitator through the Metatronia Therapy® Foundation of Light. She guides and assists others who are on the path of conscious awakening and want to live in empowered and joyful alignment to their true divine essence/Oneness with Source. Maya currently offers Metatronia Therapy® treatment sessions and training/attunements in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and globally by distance. Integrating other vibrational healing methods and spiritual counselling and guidance to assist the ascension process are also part of Maya's sessions. She also carries a small variety of empowering vibrational healing products, shungite and crystals available for purchase. It is with deep joy and gratitude for her to assist others on their path. More information about her offerings can be found at: