Messages from Spirit

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Come join Stephanie Banks for an incredibly uplifting, inspiring and profound evening of messages delivered from spirit! Kelowna.

Date:Feb 20, 2019
7pm-9:30pm Doors open at 6:30pm
Location:The Ramada Hotel and Conference Centre
2429 Highway 97 North
Kelowna, BC Canada


Come join Stephanie Banks for an incredibly uplifting, inspiring and profound evening of messages delivered from the non-physical realm. Messages from spirit carry with them a vibration that has the potential to create instant, long lasting change while offering a fun loving and lighthearted atmosphere which will envelop your entire being!

Since her NDE, Stephanie has been channeling a collective consciousness, Solomon, throughout Canada, Europe, Central America and the USA. Her former podcast, Spiritually Naked, took Solomon’s messages worldwide and garnered international attention.

Bring your questions and enthusiasm, as this is a unique opportunity to receive guidance directly from spirit about life, death and beyond. Those who decide not to ask a question directly will benefit from the conversations with Solomon simply through osmosis.

Stephanie’s authenticity, sense of humor and solid connection to spirit will fill your heart and soul with love and a renewed sense of authentic self-empowerment where unlimited potential becomes your new norm!

"Stephanie’s light fun personality is so easy to gel with! She is strong and soft, light and deep, motivating and soothing. I would definitely recommend her to those seeking higher guidance"~ Ashly Narula

"Stephanie stands out as an eloquent and passionate speaker and channel, engaging her audience with her riveting story and grounded authenticity. While Stephanie channels the wisdom of a group who identify themselves as Solomon, she encourages her listeners to look within themselves for wisdom and to follow the dictates of their hearts. I recommend Stephanie as a compassionate, attuned and centered speaker and guide." ~ Bonita Summers

"The first time that I ever listened to Stephanie channel Solomon, I had chills! Getting to know Stephanie and working with her has been so amazing as she is just such a beautiful soul, so authentic, loving and funny! Stephanie always has beautiful words and shares her knowledge and understanding in a way that is simply magical. She truly cares about people and the world and it so shows. You will love her uplifting, loving and powerful energy." ~ Michelle Morrison

"I met Stef 11 months ago in Kelowna at Illuminate and had the great privilege of hearing her speak on stage; I was fascinated. She’s engaging, intelligent and highly “connected”. I had a private session with her in the summer and spent last weekend attending a workshop that she and Michelle Morrison hosted in Kamloops which was EXCELLENT! I left there with a brain full of new knowledge, a heart full of love and feeling much more spiritually grounded/connected." ~ Nita Gage

"I have only just discovered Stephanie Banks and she is a delightful and authentic speaker and person! I heard her speaking after the HEAL documentary shown at Thompson River University in February 2018 and I was immediately drawn in, not only by her candor and humility but by her energy and transformative message. I also had the pleasure of speaking with her after the film and she is just as

Stephanie Banks is an award winning author, inspirational speaker, channel, medium and Reiki Master. Prior to her near death experience in 2012 she led a life directed by modern day terms that lacked depth and clarity. Immediately following Stephanie’s encounter with death, her life transformed to that of an awakened soul. Stephanie now dedicates her life to mastering ancient wisdom and teaching others how to return to their roots for the purpose of aligning with happiness, health and purpose. Her unfailing connection to the non-physical realm offers guidance and transformation to those that seek profound insight into our personal and collective experience. Stephanie’s authenticity and genuine love for humanity and our planet will inspire you to live a life of purpose and passion!