Metamorphosis Class (Abbotsford)

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Metamorphosis addresses unconscious tension. Learn a gentle touch practice to address this tension. We work on the spinal reflex points on the feet, hands, and head.

Date:Sep 28, 2019
Saturday September 28 - Sunday September 29 9:00 am - 5:00pm each day
Location:Metamorphosis Class
Abbotsford, BC Canada


Metamorphosis Class

Unconscious Tension is underneath…
abuse ~ chaos ~ drama ~ addictions ~ global tensions ~ relationship issues.
It is the ‘button’ that gets pushed causing you to react instead of respond.

Unconscious tension is that deep level of tension that therapy and dialogue cannot reach. Letting go of unconscious tension is life changing, this is the peace people are looking for.

Unconscious tension is an invisible barrier that inhibits your ability to create, cope with life, function as desired, and heal from the past.

Unconscious tension arrives at conception, via your DNA and various other ethereal energies. This tension registers in the first cell and this cell replicates… and the tension is infused within the bony structure of the spine during gestation. This underlying tension influences how you develop in the womb, move into life at birth, and how you function throughout life.

Easing Unconscious Tension….
When tension is addressed at its core, it eases.
As tension continues to ease, you react less and respond more.
As tension eases, so does depression, pain, anxiety, grief, and reactions to daily stress.
Your relationships and well-being improve.
Past traumas feel further away and current challenges are easier to deal with.
As you create more peace within, you create a more peaceful home.
Treatments received during pregnancy helps baby and mother.
Animals love Metamorphosis too!

The bigger picture….Metamorphosis was created from the observation that nothing has really changed throughout the history of humanity. War and conflict have always been an issue. Consider how slavery has shifted over time, it has always existed and is currently human trafficking.
Many can relate to addictive behavior, often when a person quits smoking they start eating more. The tension did not ease, so the expression re-surfaced in a similar form.
The founder, Robert St. John, asked what are we not seeing? Unconscious tension was the answer, the tension underneath our symptoms and issues. We have been focusing on the expression of this tension (symptoms) and not addressing the source of the tension itself.
As unconscious tension is addressed, it ceases to re-surface. This is the peace the world is looking for.

You will learn a gentle touch practice to address this tension. Metamorphosis is comprehensive, we work on the spinal reflex points on the feet, hands, and head ~ the three ways we correspond with life; moving forward, doing/coping, and thinking. In a weekend class you learn how to work on yourself, others, and animals

See is a class is for you by attending an online intro. Aug 28, 4-5pm PDT (7-8pm Eastern Time)
Sept 3, 7-8pm PDT $20.00. Register at

Learning Metamorphosis with Cindy was a life changing event for me. Her depth and experience with this method is a profound gift for those who get to work with her. She is gracious with her time and knowledge. Metamorphosis is so gentle and powerful in my experience, that it is applicable to all who feel called to let it work in their lives. Thank you Cindy for being a keeper and sharer of Metamorphosis! -Nyla Newman, Colorado

I took Cindy’s Metamorphosis class with an open mind – not really expecting anything. Reading the book and then participating in the class touched me in a profound way – since I always felt and knew that there must be a simple approach to a balanced life and healing. Metamorphosis has given me an answer and I am looking forward to finding out more! -Marionna Sabia, Massachusetts

I attended a workshop with Cindy Silverlock. I was guided to open my mind to a new philosophy of understanding. Although it took a little while to grasp these ideas, once I did, I couldn’t believe their simplicity. After just two days I am convinced that it is something everyone should practice. Cindy is a teacher of the highest caliber. She explained Robert St. John’s ideas with respect and clarity. – Sandy Shimoda, California

Cindy truly has walked the walk in teaching Metamorphosis. There is great integrity to her real life examples in her discussions about Meta. She encourages the student / practitioner to be who they are in the process of Meta, there is no right or wrong place to be… She distills the information about the Meta process in the simplest form. She has held a space for each student that is willing to begin the Meta process and has guided them as necessary with compassion and without judgment. The Metamorphosis process is unique to each person. I would highly recommend Cindy’s classes, she provides in depth guidance to her students that is an invaluable resource to assist the student on their journey with Meta. – Mary Gibbons, New York

Cindy was introduced to Metamorphosis in 1989 and studied with the founder from 1989-1996. Metamorphosis has been the focus of her life and her passion has been unwavering. She has taught Metamorphosis throughout the USA, in Canada, Finland, and New Zealand. She knows this work in her bones and her teaching inspires! She is the author of Metamorphosis, Creating Consciousness through Touch and An Intro to Metamorphosis. Her books and DVD have sold world-wide. Cindy has a unique ability to put the abstract nature of the work into everyday language. This allows Metamorphosis to be accessible to more people. Cindy’s approach to Metamorphosis has always been to stay in tune with the essence. She feels the essence lies in the middle of his observations. She teachers the principles as they pertain to daily life. Observing the principles in daily living helps to awaken the essence within each person, in a way that is unique to them.