5 Day Intuitive Sound Healing Workshop

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This is a very comprehensive training for those interested in becoming a Sound Healer or incorporating it into their holistic practice.

Date:Sep 17, 2012
Starts 10am - 5pm daily on September 17th - 21st, 2012
Price:$995.00 + tax
Location:Kelowna, BC Canada


We will focus on you 'Being In Your Power' and finding your true voice as a transformational healer using sound healing techniques.


~ What sound healing is and how it can benefit yourself and others

~ Learn about a variety of sound healing tools including song pods, toning, chanting, rattles, drums, tuning forks, tibetan and crystal bowls, music and more

~ Learn how to use sound to heal plants and animals

~ Experience lots of hands-on practice working on others using sound healing and a variety of tools to gain confidence

~ Learn how to set up and run a sole proprietorship business including marketing, working with clients, payment and more

~ Connect and work with the unconditional love energy of the Hathors, including a sacred ceremony

Includes a comprehensive manual and a certificate (optional). A 6 hour practicum is required prior to certification.

"Thank you Pamela for bringing together the powerful sisters of healing with the Hathor energy. We together made crystal clear healing sounds that connected us to our diamond core God cells within our sacred hearts, where we are able to heal not only ourselves but the earth and the universe."
Lauri Jeanne, Santa Fe, New Mexico

"Amazingly joyful and playful time, reminding me of my love of expressing myself via sound. I used to play piano and sang in a choir for 6 years as a teenager - then left it all behind me as an adult. Now my heart sings - didn't realize how closed it was! Many blessings!"
Laurie Rezanoff, Nanaimo, BC, Canada

"Powerful! This workshop draws together incredible people to experience an awesome experience creating a magical space where your soul soars!"
Linda, Austin, Texas

Pamela Shelly is a Transformational Teacher and Author with years of multi-faceted training and works closely with the Archangels and Ascended Masters. She has been teaching workshops for 15 years.