Sacred Goddess Tour to Greece and Turkey

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Join Pamela for twelve amazing days in Greece and Turkey for the trip of a lifetime! Detailed itinerary is available on my website or phone me for more information.

Date:Sep 29, 2012
Price:$3990.00 Canadian
Location:Athens, Greece and Turkey


“Awaken your divine Soul during twelve days of rejuvenation, beauty and sacred ceremony in ancient Greece and Turkey.

On this unforgettable journey through time, we leave behind the old stories and myths, unravel new mysteries, and experience the magic and mystery of the Soul’s mythic journey.

For twelve amazing days we will explore sacred sites and temples that carry the energies of gods and goddesses of Ancient Greece. As we work with teachings of their archetypes, we uncover our own mythic journey through life.

Join us as we perform sacred ceremonies infusing our group energies anchoring divine love onto the New Earth grid'.

"Travelling with Pamela and Elia, our Egyptologist/Magician/Tour Manager, was amazing. I had no expectations and every day seemed better than the last. We had many spiritual and magical times throughout, adding to the experience of viewing all the ancient sites of Egypt. The Orbs caught on camera the morning we took our hot air balloon ride over the West Bank of Luxor was one of the highlights for me. Both Pamela and Elia have mastered the art of gathering all the right people, places and events together to create an amazing "trip of a lifetime!"
Laurie Rezanoff, Astrologer, Writer, Teacher
Nanaimo, BC - Vancouver Island - Canada
"Hi Pamela, I cannot say how much our journey of light transformed my soul in Egypt. Thank you for your soul wisdom and sharing it so generously with all."
Frieda Livesey
Author of 'Legends of Now' A Love Anthology

"Pamela, thank you for the trip to Egypt. It was thrilling and exciting. So much happened for me on a personal level and still continues to do so, as I am sure it has been for all who were there. It was a dream come true and has opened me up on so many levels. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for me now!!!"
Love and blessings, Tracey

Pamela Shelly is a Transformational Teacher and Author with years of multi-faceted training and works closely with the Archangels and Ascended Masters. She has been teaching workshops for 15 years. Pamela leads Sacred Site Tours and recently went to Egypt and Mount Shasta. Pamela lives in Kelowna, BC.