Sing Because U Can! - Personal Discovery

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Celebrate creativity, collaboration and community through the joy of singing!

Date:Apr 29, 2012
Phone:250 215 7019
Location:Benvoulin Heritage Church
2297 Benvoulin Rd, Kelowna, BC
Kelowna, BC


Sing your way to greater confidence & well being!

Have you ever found yourself singing in the car or shower?
Why – because singing makes you feel good!

Sing Because U Can! is an enjoyable yet highly practical workshop designed to build self esteem & confidence through singing.

Michelle Bailly shares proven techniques used by top performers designed to calm yourself under pressure, how to set yourself up for success & ways to increase your powers of concentration. Regardless of your talent or experience in singing, you’ll greatly benefit as you transfer these skills to other areas of your life.

No solo singing is required just a willingness to enjoy! It’s more than’s a way of living!

Everyone Can Sing!
To learn, we don’t need to manufacture special sounds or train to sing in a mechanical way. We need only align our body and emotions to make our natural sound spontaneously. This creates beneficial effects for our emotional and physical health.

The workshop will provide techniques in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), movement, breathing and voice designed to help us ‘tune-in’ to ourselves. Use them to improve your singing and speaking voice, allowing you to fully express who you really are. Discover your natural voice as a major key to your personal development – balancing your mind, body, emotions and spirit.

“I was truly inspired by Michelle's wonderful approach. She guides each individual to connect with and accept their voice in a supportive, non judgmental and joyful way which also celebrates the power and connection of sharing voice with other people.” (Anita Mahon, Vocalist and Choir Director)

“I really enjoyed this! It helped build my self-esteem and confidence in speaking in a group as it was very relaxed and fun…” (Sinead Murphy, Physiotherapist)

Michelle Bailly is the founder of Sing Because U Can! – Personal & Team Discovery, a seminar & Keynote Concert series dedicated to celebrating creativity, collaboration & community through the joy of singing. For over 25 years, Michelle has devoted her life to the development of human potential & the full expression of our creative natures. She has applied her theories performing on stage at the London Opera House, Music Fest Thailand, Spirit of Voice Ireland as well as in Top 500 corporate board rooms. Her studies include Communication Arts, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Creativity Methods & Voice Work.