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Meet the prophecies of 2012 head on! STAND YOUR GROUND, EMBRACE YOUR FEAR! in Ireland.
An inspirational and empowering presentation with Christine Stormer-Fryer from South Africa

Date:Jun 16, 2012
Saturday 16 June, 2012- 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Phone:00 353 6466 45482
Location:Sneem Hotel
Co.Kerry, Ireland


Much has been written, suggested and predicted about 2012,
especially the events for December 2012
…..but how much of this is scare-mongering and without foundation?

Are your fears, failures, disappointments, phobias becoming increasingly magnified?
Is the suggestion that 2012 is a cataclysmic year freaking you out?

Instead of allowing this to happen, let’s turn our heads and embrace this year of change!
Let’s utilise the FANTASTIC energy shifts that are gathering such wonderful momentum!

This is the year to combat our fear!

Everybody has fears – it’s part of being human!
With adrenaline pumping, it’s physically possible to cope with any real danger to our well-being.
Yet once exaggerated or misplaced, fear becomes a pause button,
bringing our life to a complete halt,
if we allow it to!

So many wonderful and amazing opportunities pass us by!
But it’s simply a state of mind and we are all capable of changing our mind!
Deep down, we all know this, so what’s stopping us?
Is it fear of fear itself?
Or fear of what we may learn about ourselves?
Ironically the thing we fear the most, is what we need the most!

Are YOU ready to be your brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous self?
Are YOU prepared to ‘stand your ground and embrace your fear’?
To allow your Divine Presence make a world of difference in your world, as well as in the world of others?
If so, please do join us…….

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