Awakening the Illuminated Heart - Drunvalo Melchizedek teachings

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The teachings of Drunvalo Melchizedek in a 4-day intensive training. Connect to your higher self and heal your heart.

Date:May 3, 2012
May 3rd to 6th
Location:a Venue 2 Ascension
737 Main St.
Penticton, BC Canada


Certified teacher, Laurie Cornell will be guiding you through a 4 day intensive training, during this time you will learn how to open and heal your heart, have a real, undeniable connection to your higher self, remember who you are, how to create and remember how to move into higher consciousness and enter ascension. You will also be able to meditate in your sacred space of you heart (your connection to the universe and create from there. The first thing we create is a permanent MerKaBa connected directly to your heart. **Please call for exact times.

Laurie first heard of Drunvalo in 1999 when he was teaching a course in Princeton, but was unable to travel due to winter conditions and pregnancy. Shortly afterwards someone gave her the book "Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life" and she instantly realized what she had missed. Everything in that book resonated. It has taken her until 2011 to get to his workshop, but when she did it started an unstoppable momentum in the realization that she wanted to become a teacher when she heard there was opportunity for it. She is so grateful to be accepted and having opportunities opening up to share this work in many places.

"I was drawn to take The Awakening the Illuminated Heart with Laurie Cornell as I had witnessed how it had affected her life and practice so deeply. As we both work/play in the realms of the healing arts we have known each other for a number of years.
The shifts I have noticed in Laurie have been dramatic in such a short period of time and I was intrigued to try it for myself.
I am so grateful I did.
Laurie is a gifted, patient, loving and caring teacher and I am so glad I had the opportunity to take this workshop with her. I can feel the difference this work is going to make in my own practice and my own healing journey. This is profound work that truly takes us into the New Age we have been dreaming of for so long.
And Laurie is a graceful, loving guide to walk with us and open us up to remembering this ancient knowledge.
I would not hesitate to recommend her and this workshop to everyone who wants to move forward through these coming times with Grace." - Cassie Hepburn

I started on my journey in 1996 with a native drum making course and sweat lodge, I continue to follow that tradition as a Sundancer for the last 7 years. For the next 4 years, I studied NLP, Huna, Timeline Therapy and Hypnosis. I eventually decided that I needed to expand my studies to the body and took a course called Neurolink. It uses points in the body to correct anything out of alignment and in dysfunction as well as clear viruses and bacteria. At the same time I was studying Lomilomi with Dane Silva in Hilo, Hawaii. I have been a tattoo artist for 20 years, this profession has allowed me to meet people from all over the globe and from every walk of life. I am so thankful to have had this profession. I have been practicing Martial Arts for 3 years now and am currently training Tae Kwon Do the art of Self Defense with Woo Kim in Langley. Our school motto is "Sim Sin Dye Yoon" "Improve Mind and Body Through Discipline and Practice".