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We recognize that animals need as much natural health care as we do. OK In Health wants to support our animal groups, shelters, trainers and health care for animals. Listed is information to help support our animal's mental, energetic, emotional, physical well- being, and natural health care.

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Healthy Tips for Your Animals Natural Care  

Pets for your Health
Do you have a pet? Studies show that pet owners have lower blood pressure, reduced stress levels and lower cholesterol readings than those without pets, regardless of other factors like smoking and diet.
If you don't have a pet, maybe you can 'borrow' one by volunteering to walk a neighbor's dog or pet sitting. It may be a good way to see if owning a pet could be good for your health.

A Warning About Cocoa Mulch
This is often sold in Garden supply stores, contains a lethal ingredient called "Theobromine". It is lethal to dogs and cats. It smells like chocolate and it really attracts dogs. They will ingest this stuff and die. Just a word of caution check what you are using in your gardens.  

We Need Your Bags!
There is a serious shortage of plastic or paper bags at the various parks. Need to get rid of that pile of bags from your cupboard? Well we could use 'em! Please bring some plastic bags with you and fill up the bag dispensers when you're out walking your pooch. We thank you!




Animal Natural Care Articles

Read Animal and Pet care articles on our Main Article page, such as:
  • Does Your Pet Need the Needle? by Dr. Moira Drosdovech
    Treat your animals to Reflexology By Yvette Eastman
    What is a Power Animal? By Dawn Dancing Otter.
    Communicating With Animals in a Safe Environment by Sue Peters
    Animal Connections by Sue Peters, Penticton
    Herbal Tinctures for Pets By Klaus Ferlow
    Hidden Danger in Your Animal's Drinking Water
    Why Feed a Raw Diet? by Darlene Luhowy
    Natural Diet for Guinea Pigs by Julie Massoni Animal Naturopath
    Soul to Soul Connection with Animals by Joy Michael,
    Natural Flea Relief by Julie Massoni - Animal Naturopath
    The Animals: Our Angels of Light by Joy Michael
    Dog Owners Reduce Lawn Pesticide

And Horse Articles and Information

  • The Practice of Resonance Written by Stevi Weissbach (calming a sensitive horse)
    Push or Be Pushed Written by Stevi Weissbach
    Forming an Understanding: The Nature of the Horse by Stevi Weissbach
    Intuitive Horsemanship by Stevi Weissbach
    Dancing with Horses, Delia's Story By Linda-Ann Bowling
    The horses- Their Gifts by Joy Michael

Reminder to care for our birds during the cold and snow covered months



Off Leash Areas & Dog Parks in BC & AB


Enterprise Off-Leash Area is a new area located behind Shaw Cable near Enterprise/Leckie/Hunter Court. Fenced and gated.
Mission Off-Leash Area is a new area located near the Mission Creek Greenway and the Mission Sports Fields. Fenced and gated.
Glenmore Rd Off-Leash Area is across the road from the City Landfill. It's large, fully fenced, not the best looking but the dogs still have fun!!
Ellison Off-Leash Area is behind the airport. It's a large, fully fenced area and dogs have plenty of room to run.
Cedar Creek Off Leash Area Located in the Mission, this is the only official Off-Leash Area where dogs can swim, and the only wheel-chair accessible Off-Leash Area.


Penticton Doggy beach - Lakeshore dr. and Colourfulfront st. Open 24 hours and has parking. comments: Very nice view, you can swim with your dog, play with him/her, preferred to keep dog on leash.


BX Ranch - Address: BX Road just up from Pleasant Valley Rd hours: 24, fenced: yes, poopbags: yes, parking: yes. Comments: large field bordered by forest walk with creek running through; socially responsible owners, no mean dogs.

Vancouver Parks - Dog Off-leash Areas -

Victoria, British Columbia - Dog-Friendly City Guide -

Calgary, Alberta - Dog-Friendly City Guide -



Animals Assocations

Attention Dog Lovers  - Terrace, BC. 
Ongoing  -  Inviting all dog lovers to form a dog owners association. Contact Alicia 250 -635-2000 or Heather 250 - 615-2889 

is a volunteer advisory group committed to maintaining safe, clean parks; resolving user conflicts; fundraising, education and clean-up campaigns; and promoting responsible dog ownership. The Okanagan Dog Owners Association also acts as a voice to promote the development of new dog-friendly parks and off-leash exercise areas. For more information contact: Sheila (250) 712-0890

SORCO is a non-profit registered society. SORCO is a clinic and rehab facility for injured and orphaned birds of prey (Raptors). Our purpose is to treat and release all birds of prey. These include: Owls, Hawks, Eagles, Vultures, Falcons, and Osprey. which are returned back into the wild whenever possible. Centre is located in the South Okanagan Valley of BC. SORCO is not a zoo. Phone: 250-498-4251

British Columbia - BC SPCA
Canadian Horse Defense Coalition
Alberta - Bear Valley Rescue
Alberta - The Mitchell Centre

Alberta - Wild Rose Equine Rescue & Sanctuary

British Columbia - Circle F Horse Rescue Society
British Columbia - Prince George Equine Rescue
British Columbia - BC Standardbred Horse Adoption Society

British Columbia - Island Equine Rescue & Recovery Society

Submit Your Event, Association, or Business on OK In Health





Missing Pets - Lost and Found

Have you lost a pet- list it for free on OK In Health. What to do if your pet goes missing? Your best chance of recovering your missing dog is during the first 48 hours - so act promptly.

OK In Health Web Site 

Missing Siamese Cat in Peachland area.
Stella is a siamese cross, spayed, tattooed, blue-eyed 1 1/2 year old cat.  She has been missing from the Princeton Ave/Victoria St area of Peachland since Aug 29.  If you have found/seen her, please call 250-767-2322



Missing Dog - Copper - is lost in South OKanagan during storms. I was visiting a friend Ken on August 9th, 2008 in Cawston, near the upper bench road on Barcelo Road. While there, the crazy thunder storm whipped up and my dog managed to escape from our pick up truck. We have contacted many people in the Cawston/ Keremeos/Penticton area and have searched again in that area. He is a Nova Scotia Duck Toller Retriever. He does know his name well, and responds fairly well to the command, ‘Copper, come’. He is 9-1/2 years old and is around 45 pounds and about 16 to 18 inches at the shoulder. He has a blue collar on with tags with his name on and our phone number and the vet tag. We are pretty shaken up by it all. Ph.604 592 7545 email. Thank you very much, Steve Hodge

Missing Cat- Where is Orlando?
We have lost our 8 year male orange tabby on Friday February 15. We live in Mariners Village in Steveston..... Thank you, Doug and Nichola Hastie Thanks you OK In Health, we FOUND him!

Missing Puppy- Where is Hyder?
Hyder went missing from the belgo/black mountain area, Kelowna. He is a large breed, light blonde/sandy coloured male dog. He has a tattoo in his ear and was wearing his collar when he disappeared. Hyder is greatly missed by his human companions and his buddy Barkley. If you know where Hyder is, PLEASE call.....
Thank you for posting our notice. Hyder was found yesterday! A tearful reunion after a week of being locked in someone’s yard in a neighbouring subdivision. He is thin and has an injured foot, but is very happy to be home.


Here is some tips to help when you have lost your Pet

SPCA  Go to the SPCA kennels and give them the same details as you have given to the police and ask to see every dog/Cat in the pound - a description may not be sufficient to identify a dog/cat. Visit at least twice a week and take a photograph of the animal with you. Dog Warden - Pet Control
Ask the police for the name and address of the dog warden. Take him a description of your missing dog/cat, and if possible a photograph. Contact the refuse department in case the animal has been killed on the road.
Neighbourhood Watch - Search your neighborhood thoroughly. Call your loudly and listen for a reply. They may be trapped somewhere and be unable to get to you. A distressed Pet may hide for days or even travel long distances (Cats often hide and have been known to hide in car boots and be taken from the area inadvertently).
Advertisements - Advertise  your missing Pet in your local paper, local radio, and on OK In Health. Watch the 'Found' advertisements.
Posters - Pin up a notice on your own front gate, in shop windows, on trees near bus stations. 
Ask others - Ask your milkman, postman, paper boy or dustman to look out for your dog. Show them a good photograph. Lost dogs are sometimes taken home by the finder after registering a description at the police station. After one month, the dog becomes the property of the finder. 
Local Vet - Contact your local veterinary practices - an injured animal is usually taken to a veterinary surgeon for treatment to avoid unnecessary suffering, but remember it is not always possible to give extensive treatment or to nurse the animal afterwards unless the owner is traced to authorize the treatment and the cost.

REMEMBER: Identification - Your Pet should always wear a collar properly secured (so that it cannot be slipped in emergencies) together with an identity disc.

Even the most careful, devoted owner and most devoted, well trained dog may become separated.

Animal Workshops, Retreats and Events
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Animal Practitioners & Local businesses
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There are about 32g of protein in a 4-oz. serving of turkey, making it a very good source of these essential amino acids. Just one serving of turkey provides 65 percent of your recommended daily intake of protein.
Protect Yourself From Cancer. A little-known health benefit of turkey is that it contains trace minerals thought to aid in cancer prevention. Turkey contains selenium, which is essential for the healthy function of the thyroid and immune system. Selenium also has an essential role to play in your antioxidant defense system, helping to eliminate cancer-friendly free radicals in the body. Get Your B Vitamins. Turkey is considered a good source of vitamins B3 and B6, rated because of the density of these vitamins in the meat. A serving of turkey meat has 36 percent of the daily allowance of B3 and 27 percent of your recommended intake of B6. Benefit From Less Saturated Fat. Saturated fat is necessary for biological functions, hormone production, padding for organs and energy. While saturated fat is necessary for a healthy body, most moderately-active people need to avoid overindulging. Turkey has under 12 percent of the recommended daily allowance of saturated fat per 4-oz. serving.
Choose Organic, Pasture-Based Turkey
Grass-fed turkey raised under organic conditions convey the most health benefits. Grass-fed turkeys offer higher nutrition and are superior to birds given antibiotics or raised without access to natural pasture. Consider looking for a local, grass-based poultry farm when shopping for organic turkeys.
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