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Body-Wize with Ross Short CHP

Ross Short, CHP

Kelowna & Central Okanagan

Body-Wize is a unique blend of four, stand alone, healing modalities: Hellerwork Structural Integration, Pilates Movement, Whole Body Vibration and Energy Work.

Specialties: Massage, Structural Integration - Deep Tissue, Energy Workers, Pilates, Weight Loss

Location:Kelowna & Central Okanagan
Phone:250 717 3553
Address: 925 Tronson Drive
Kelowna, B.C.  Canada
V1Y 4C9

"If you have an issue, it's in the tissue"

Experience true transformation of body, mind and spirit with the uniquely blended bodywork of Ross Short.

Achieve better muscle tone, improved bone density, greater ease of movement, better range of motion and freedom from the pains and discomforts of aging. Experience freedom from chronic anxiety and renewed pleasure in life.

Better yet, establish and maintain the body in a state of optimal health – a state that can prevent many health problems from occurring in the first place.

The Body-Wize program combines four modalities: Hellerwork, Pilates, Energy work and Vibration Therapy which are woven together in a customized program to produce fluidity in movement, precision in alignment, and clarity of thinking. Ross’ intention is to teach the body to work as an integrated unit, rather than the sum of isolated parts.

This involves eleven ninety- minute sessions using all four modalities according to the individual need of the client.

On you initial visit a complete history is taken. This includes all of the experiences your body, mind and spirit has endured, from broken bones to broken hearts.

Each session MUST be customized to suit the individual as to how their body is presenting on any given day.

Alignment of the postural pattern is explained with emphasis placed on "Core" balancing and breathing. Whole Body Vibration, if required, will be introduced as your session moves into the bodywork segment. During this portion core movement and individual proprioceptive abilities are addressed.

Client and practitioner work as a team in a comfortable relaxing environment. Changing a postural pattern takes time and effort from both parties.

Your life story is contained within the fascial matrix (soft tissue) of your body. That is why you stand, sit and move the way you do.

At Body-Wize, reducing or eliminating your pain is my goal.


In 1972, I was bent on a career in professional sports, be it football or hockey. It was a short lived dream as I blew out a knee playing football and surgery could not make it perfect. In 1975, I was sworn into the RCMP and spent the next 21 years "keeping the peace" and playing sports on police teams. I have always had a passion for sports and physical fitness, particularly weight training because I am of small stature, 5'4". As the years flew by, my "fit" body was wracked with pain. My overly developed large postural muscles were compressing my spine. I was taking Tylenol 3 to cope with the pain, and finally ended up at the Victoria Pain Clinic where I was introduced to a smorgasbord of therapeutic modalities which I had never heard of before.

My body responded quickly to "Hellerwork". I could actually feel the pain leaving my body. I was so impressed I decided that I wanted to learn more about this modality. It was time for me to leave the police force. After extensive training and the completion of 120 Hellerwork sessions on clients, I became fully qualified as a Hellerworker in 1995. I also had to change my exercise regimen. I started Pilates and had another "aha" moment when I realized Hellerwork and Pilates were a perfect couple. Pilates focuses on strengthening the "core" muscles; the abdominals, gluteals, and lower back. In other words, I strengthened from the inside out! I was finally pain free! I became a Pilates practitioner as well.

In 1997, my family and I moved to Kelowna, and I started practicing Hellerwork and Pilates at Rutland Physiotherapy. I branched out on my own, and created Body-Wize in 2002. In eleven years Body-Wize has evolved into what it is today: a relaxing environment where you can let go of your stresses, realign and strengthen your body, and get rid of your pain in an effective, non-invasive way.

"Anyone considering Hellerwork should not hesitate. I was a professional hockey player for 20 years. In those 20 years, I felt my best when Ross Short performed Hellerwork on me. My posture was better, joints moved easier, I could breathe easier and this was only after a few sessions. I would recommend it to anyone.
Dave Babych
Retired NHL Defenceman

Prior to my sessions my spine and neck felt twisted. I was generally in great pain, discomfort and could barely go for a 20 minute walk. My hands hurt and even my ankles and heels were sore.
During the sessions, I became aware how certain muscle groups no longer seemed to be getting the message to move. Ross helped me to re-fire those muscles. It was then up to me to move those parts of my body even though they seemed very weak for some time.
It has been three months since the end of my 11 sessions. I can feel my core muscles strengthening. I go for a big walk each day and even go horseback riding a couple of days a week. I would say 90% of my pain is GONE!
Ross was very supportive throughout the sessions and he helped me better understand how my body can move with a greater range of motion and a whole lot less pain. Anyone, looking for Bodywork, would find it very beneficial to go see Ross. My experience was very informative, relaxing, amusing and healing. Thank-you Ross!"
Kathy W., Dog Whisperer, Kelowna, B.C.

" I have achieved more than I thought possible. My digestive pain has decreased dramatically. With improved posture my overall body length has increased. With heightened awareness I am eager to continue my learning to gain more strength and balance.
Thanks for your good humour and good lessons."
Professor P. Campbell, RN

“Chronic pain is what led me to this line of work. I could not imagine anyone being in more pain than I was in. I had always been fascinated with the human body in how it was able to move with such power and fluidity. I provide my clients with an integrated system of deep tissue bodywork, movement education, whole body vibration and energy work designed to release tension and realign the body. Established through a system of before and after comments I offer a 93% success rate in reducing or eliminating pain. A number of clients have even avoided scheduled surgeries. - View Ross Short's Profile on website