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An Energetic Life - How You Get It!

Dennis Barnett, Natural Health Practitioner

Kelowna & Central Okanagan, Penticton & South Okanagan, Vernon & North Okanagan, Interior & Northern BC, Vancouver, Victoria & Across BC, Western USA

“Pain is inevitable. Living with it is optional.” Dennis Barnett -
Alleviate physical and emotional pain. Let’s get started today!

Specialties: Body Worker, Craniosacral Therapy, Distance Healing, Energy Workers, Psych-K, Quantum Touch, Laser Therapy

Location:Kelowna & Central Okanagan
Phone:(250) 826-2788
Address: #7, 1551 Sutherland Ave
Kelowna, BC  Canada
V1Y 9M9

CHANGE YOUR PAIN – Discover long-term balanced and vibrant physical AND emotional health.

All states of "dis-ease" are treated with an integrated approach utilizing a variety of natural non-invasive health services. Dennis starts WHERE YOU NEED HELP.

Dennis specializes in "whole body" health and getting to the root cause.
Are you having difficulty with anxiety/panic and/or depression?
Do you have sports injuries or other injures/pain you want to address?
Clients with both simple and complicated health needs/issues that are of a physical and emotional nature see Dennis and achieve amazing results. Clients are grateful that many times pain is affected with their FIRST TREATMENT.

For a FULL LISTING of SERVICES go to our website under Health Services.

Book your appointment 3 ways:
Online through “Health Services” or “Fees” pages
Email – click email link on this page
Call (250) 826-2788

*Pain/ Injury Relief/ Body Structure Realignment – anything from back, hip, neck, shoulder, knee and any other types of pain in the body
*Emotional Conditions - depression, stress, anxiety, panic, overwhelm, brain fog, etc
*Change Subconscious Beliefs Not Serving You
*Support/ Coaching/ Insight/
*Quit Smoking

Adjustment of the Human Assemblage Point - “I had no idea that an “assemblage point” existed yet when I learned of it through Dennis I knew it was something that was essential to my well being, having already received powerful healing with Dennis. After the session there was a mild adjustment to my energy levels yet I noticed within a week that I felt more balanced and very calm. Since then, I have been experiencing a constant flow of creativity while also staying balanced in my energy levels. Things that use to “take me out” for a few days no longer affect me. I find it easier to tune into joy and I feel clear, balanced and on purpose. In my view, having the assemblage point adjusted is a “break thru” modality for anyone who feels ready to shift into a more balanced and harmonious state of being. I am so grateful, I am delighted! Thank you Dennis!!” -Monica Fraser

*Human Assemblage Point Adjustment
*Quantum-Touch Therapy
*Craniosacral Therapy
*Laser Therapy
*Personal Dowsing
*Color Light Therapy
*Animal/ Inter-Species Communication
*Stop Smoking
*Distance Healing
EACH area above has a full description at our website.

Give yourself, family, friends and clients the gift of healing by CONTINUING YOUR EDUCATION in the natural health field. Dennis teaches:
*QUANTUM-TOUCH LEVEL 1 - An Elegant form of Energy Healing
*QUANTUM-TOUCH - Self-Created Health – Creating Change in Powerful & Advanced Ways
*THE HUMAN ASSEMBLAGE POINT - Finding Emotional Balance, Joy & Clarity
*LEARN PERSONAL DOWSING – Get Answers & Make Change
*ANIMAL & INTER-SPECIES COMMUNICATION - Your Animals Can Communicate - And so can the trees, rocks & insects!
*REMOVAL OF NEGATIVITY - Getting Rid of the Dark

WORKSHOP INFORMATION: See our website under Workshops.
Dennis is available to travel to your area to teach. Drop him an email.

Dennis is the host of the KELOWNA HEALING CIRCLE the third Wednesday of each month.
See more at our website under the "Healing Circle" tab.

Assemblage Point & Quantum Touch - I just want to say Thank you Thank you Thank you! I was a mess–physically & emotionally exhausted after dealing with a series of family crises. I called Dennis, hoping to get my spark back. Although I could ramble on about the myriad of changes that have transpired, suffice to say they have been profound & immediate: focus, clarity, energy, optimism. As a bonus, a nagging lower back injury has been relieved. I am so grateful for what Dennis has done for me. -J.C.

Quantum Touch - I did a session with Dennis & within less than 5 minutes I felt a change in my hips compared to when I first arrived. I have done different types of energy healing before even trying Quantum Touch but not with almost immediate results. My job is quite labour intensive. I know now Quantum Touch & Dennis will be the first place I return for relief. -D.M

Assemblage Point - The feeling of wholeness is what struck me most clearly after my session with Dennis. It can best be described as a feeling of appreciation for what my original “me” (my much, much younger self) truly felt like. The way in which my eyes rested upon the world also changed dramatically: they became softer & much more tangibly gentle than ever before in my adult life. After only two A.P. sessions with Dennis my ability to make solid, yet flowingly heartfelt choices for myself & others, increased substantially. Truly, I know of very few people who would not benefit tremendously from Dennis’ approach to healing in general & specifically his talent to make whole those parts of us that have been scattered & divided. This technique works! Thank you again Dennis. Sincerely, Robert Telford

Workshop - Words cannot express how grateful I am for all that I experienced & was taught during QT Level 2. Dennis Barnett is a masterful instructor who is knowledgeable, gifted, genuine & kind.

BIO – DENNIS BARNETT In 2004 Dennis became the first Certified Quantum-Touch® Instructor in Western Canada. He went on to explore and learn other healing modalities to create ways to bring back the “wholeness” of the individual. In the marvelous journey, Dennis found ways to combine healing on all level, seen and unseen. He creates each person’s treatment uniquely for them starting exactly WHERE THEY ARE. Dennis’ journey also involves his interest and respect for First Nations Peoples. A large influence on his becoming a Healer was from an Elder and amazing Herbalist Rufus Goodstriker (now passed). His time spent with Rufus and his brother George are experiences that have partially helped form his respect and groundedness for the natural world. His other influence is spending his young years growing up on an isolated ranch in Saskatchewan where he was seeing energy and being among the ancient tipi rings. To view THE BACK STORY go to our website under “About Dennis” and the to “The Back Story”. Dennis is grateful to have the opportunity to empower others and see them “light up” and “get it” when they take part in classes he teaches. See our website under WORKSHOPS. He has had a life of service to his community and to individuals through many roles. See our website under ABOUT DENNIS