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Health is Bliss

Shannon Bliss, CNP, ROHP

Kelowna & Central Okanagan, Vernon & North Okanagan

Health is Bliss is owned and operated by Shannon Bliss, Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner and Live Blood Analyst.

Specialties: Cleansing & Detox, Health Clinics & Wellness Centers, Live Blood Cell Analysis, Nutrition Coach

Location:Kelowna & Central Okanagan
Address: 2198 Sunview Drive
Kelowna, B.C.  Canada

Shannon is a Holistic Nutritional Practitioner and Live Cell Microscopist.
The focus of her practice is strengthening from within promoting cellular health and eliminating unwanted toxins and debris that lead to poor health.
When you visit her office you will be asked about your medical history, medications, supplements, food intake and what your concerns are.
Upon completion of this you will be asked to provide a small blood sample from a finger using a tiny pin lance.
Your blood is analyzed and displayed on a big screen which enables you to see what is seen through the microscope. This process includes you and allows Shannon to explain the analysis process, any weaknesses or irregularities, and recommendations to alleviate them. A protocol is built around the the findings of the analysis and each part of the protocol and the reason for it is explained in detail to the client, this is only implemented with the agreement of the client. A follow up consultation is booked usually for a month later to ensure the goals are on there way to being achieved.
All supplements and homeopathics that Health is Bliss carries are professional products only available to health professionals.